What made you happy today?


Apr 22, 2023
As title suggests, tell us what made you happy today?

Personally, I've downloaded many VPNs the other day, none were working. Today, one of them decided to work.
Should I feel oppressed? Don't feel oppressed
Only oppression I've faced is from Liberal run forums

We want to empower, oh no wait you can't have that view and our equality and diversity is only for half the population the other half are hated, struggling with this? Yup
Bans and censorships, empowering works I guess
Making money every day makes me and it's the same thing with today as well. I've been able to make some cool cash from my sales in business and I hope to make more.

When the day is done and I'm closed from business, it's going to be club and party time. I can't kill myself with work, work, work.
I was able to get quite a bit of work completed today and was able to complete some of the targets I had set for myself to catch up.

Seeing two white pigeons today whilst I was out that were happily flying around with each other also made me happy today.

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