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Editorial Team
May 7, 2021

The concept of "handled the ball" in cricket refers to one of the ten methods by which a batsman can be declared out, as defined in the Laws of Cricket. Specifically, it pertains to the manner in which a batsman handles the ball intentionally without the use of any part of their body except their hand. There are plenty of live cricket matches today at the 1xBet platform, where bettors can also wager on whether situations of this kind will take place too.

According to the Laws of Cricket, Law 33 specifically deals with the dismissal of a batsman for "handled the ball". The exact wording of the law (Law 33.1) states:

"The striker is out 'handled the ball' if, while the ball is in play, and without the consent of a fielder, he/she uses his/her hand or hands to return the ball to any fielder".

This means that a batsman can be given out "handled the ball" only if they deliberately use their hand or hands to touch or redirect the ball towards a fielder. This must happen without the fielder's consent while the ball is in play. The live cricket matches from 1xBet are also available today to place excellent bets with amazing winning opportunities.

Let’s talk about 3 specific elements and clarifications from this concept. In 1st place, it is important to emphasize that this dismissal requires a deliberate and intentional act by the batsman. Accidental contact with the ball, such as the ball brushing against the batsman's hand while attempting to evade it, does not lead to this form of dismissal. The contact must be purposeful.

In 2nd place, the batsman can legally use their hand to protect themselves from injury, but they must not do so if a fielder wants to take a catch or make a run-out. A fielder may indicate their intention is to take the catch or effect a run-out and the batsman touches the ball with their hand before it reaches the fielder. In this case, the batsman can be declared out "handled the ball".

The final of these 3 elements is that this dismissal can only occur while the ball is in play, which typically begins when the bowler starts their run-up and ends when the ball becomes dead (e.g., after a boundary, dismissal, or when the umpire calls "dead ball").

A few examples where this kind of occurrence took place​

The concept of "handled the ball" has been a part of cricket's laws for many years, reflecting the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship in the game. Historically, it was considered unsportsmanlike for a batsman to use their hand to alter the course of the ball unless they were defending themselves from injury. At you can find lots of outcomes from cricket games that you can wager today.

There are 3 famous instances that can be highlighted. The protagonists of these 3 situations are:
  • Vinoo Mankad;
  • Kevin Pietersen;
  • and Andrew Hilditch.

In 1st place we have the "Mankading" incident involving Vinoo Mankad of India and Bill Brown of Australia in 1947. Mankad, who was the bowler, ran out Brown at the non-striker's end after he had backed up too far before the ball was bowled. This incident sparked a significant debate about the spirit of the game.

In 2nd place, in a Test match against South Africa in 2012, England's Kevin Pietersen was dismissed for "handled the ball". This was done after he used his hand to knock the ball away after it had brushed his glove. While his actions were not in violation of law 33, some debated the sportsmanship of his response.

In 3rd place, in a Test match between Australia and Pakistan in 1978, Australian batsman Andrew Hilditch was given out "handled the ball" when he used his hand to stop a ball that was heading towards his stumps. This incident highlighted the importance of clarity in the laws regarding handling the ball.

The concept of "handled the ball" has been the subject of debate and controversy over the years. Some have questioned the fairness and sportsmanship of certain instances when batsmen have been given out in this manner. If you want to bet on all kinds of things that are seen in cricket matches, go to the 1xBet platform now.
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