Discussion What if this game is part of the original Castlevania universe?


Jul 29, 2023
What if a 2D horror video game was part of the original Castlevania universe?

This video game is a platformer game where the players' way of fighting is using projectile attacks such as using guns to fight. The players in this game will mostly use guns to shoot and fight.

The aim of the shooting is by using the mouse cursor which allows the players to aim in any direction.

This game's co-op only allows 2 players.

In the game, the width size and the height size of a player character relative to the screen are these:

The width of a player character is 1/10 of the screen's width.

The height of a player character is 1/10 of the screen's width.

This video game's story is set in the year 2236 and focuses on the 24 year old male gun-wielding warrior cousins Eliezer Augstein Arad and Caleb Albrecht Avram. They are the protagonists of the video game.

Eliezer and Caleb are not members of any warrior clan(one's relatives or blood related family) or warrior group. They are only a duo of warriors that took matters into their own hands when it came to fighting demons.

Eliezer and Caleb are born and raised in the USA but are not mainstream American in a cultural way. These two warriors are tall and muscular. The two warriors are also wearing pants and sleeveless shirts.

Eliezer and Caleb's strongest enemy is Satan who is the strongest evil supernatural being in the whole world and has an extremely large supernatural army of demons, evil spirits, and evil supernatural beings. This is because Satan is the Lord of all Darkness.

Eliezer and Caleb's mission is to bring Satan down.

Under Satan, there are extremely powerful demons by the name of Bael, Azazel, Abaddon, and Belzebuth. Out of all the members of Satan's army of darkness, Bael, Azazel, Abaddon, and Belzebuth are far more powerful than all of Satan's minions but are far less powerful than Satan himself. Satan is the leader of all of his dark army while Bael, Azazel, Abaddon, and Belzebuth are the sub-leaders of this dark army.

The rest of the demons, evil spirits, and evil supernatural beings in Satan's army are made by Satan himself to be demons, evil spirits, and evil supernatural beings.

The video game's demons, especially Satan, Azazel, Bael, Abaddon, and Belzebuth, look creepy and extremely monstrous. A lot of them will behave in otherworldly ways such as them not talking and not acting human. These demons' only desire is to destroy all of humans as much as possible.

All demons such as Satan, Azazel, Bael, Abaddon, and Belzebuth never talk in the video game.

The video game has 11 stages and these are them:

Stage 1 - An American city(The story of the game starts here. Satan and his evil supernatural army attacked and destroyed the city. The city is a city of the USA.)

Stage 2 - Abandoned underground American city

Stage 3 - Combined Cathedrals in a devout Christian European city

Stage 4 - Volcano lava cave(This cave is full of lavas and is inside a volcano.)

Stage 5 - A civilization jungle city built by a cult that worships a powerful evil supernatural being

Stage 6 - A jungle

Stage 7 - A U.S. military camp(The soldiers of this military camp are completely and brutally wiped out by Satan demons.)

Stage 8 - Mountains

Stage 9 - A dungeon crypt prison(This place is built by a group of humans who wanted to gain demonic powers. This place is also full of imprisoned powerful demons that were created by those humans. Those demons killed those same humans. When the players are in this stage, the imprisoned demons will be free.)

Stage 10 - An ancient babylonian palace

Final Stage - A supernatural labyrinth that often transforms in a mechanical way(This labyrinth is also turned by Satan into a creepy-looking place. This labyrinth is where the players will fight Bael, Abaddon, Azazel, and Belzebuth. Satan is the final boss of this stage.)

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