Discussion Dream GDD: Soul Universe (Opinions and Criticism Welcome)


Feb 12, 2021



Soul Stories is a Mission/Hunting 3D Hack and Slash Action game with strong RPG and Adventure/Platforming elements and optional Multiplayer.

Graphic Design​

The graphics tend to be bright, colorful, and stylized with a cell-shaded style. All characters have a design resembling a mix of Digimon, Pokemon, and Stands from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Audio Design​

Most of the OST features a mix of techno audio and instruments prominent in various other genres such as orchestra, rock, jazz, and country depending on the scenarios associated with it.


Background Lore​

Reality is divided into multiple layers with different types of beings inhabiting each. Beings that live in higher layers have greater knowledge and power, but have fates subject to the actions of beings in lower layers similar to how humans live, die, and decompose in accordance to things smaller than they can see. On the highest layer, beings have very few limits to what they can do, but the worlds they live in are created and destroyed in accordance to the thoughts, feelings, and actions of the beings on the lower layers. You are the consciousness of a being that was too powerful to end after your body died, so it was able to sustain itself by transcending to the highest layer and saturate itself into a mass of ethereal energy to create an object called a Soul that is able to interact with the Worlds around it from within a body so as to combat the beings that seek to destroy all worlds.



A Zone is a world within the highest layer of reality. There are new ones being created all the time. Different Zones have specific environments and are divided into areas called Acts, along with a number of gimmicks specific to it.


Acts are essentially the levels of the game that each have their own specific task to complete. From the Player’s hub, they can be accessed to go to. After a sufficient number of Acts are cleared, the player can go to a free-roam area within the Zone that has many different collectables to find, random events that can offer rewards of some sort, and services that can be performed. Most Acts have optional Tasks and branching paths that can be completed for greater rewards, sometimes with greater difficulty. Most Acts have gimmicks with different mechanics specific to the Zone that can aid in traversing it or benefit the player in some other way. Some Acts have periodic Events which can affect most of the mechanics within it. Acts can also possess Hazards which can either Damage the player with different Attributes or with skill can be taken advantage of to damage enemies.

Goal Acts simply involve getting to the end of the Act, often combatting enemies and solving puzzles along the way.

Dungeon Acts feature many puzzles that must be completed to get to the goal, often with some actions in one area affecting the environment in the other.

Hunt Acts involve finding one or more hidden or hard to access things called Objectives within an open area, but usually there are ways to obtain hints for finding and accessing them.

Boss Acts involve facing off with an exceptionally powerful enemy of some sort, which can sometimes only be made vulnerable with gimmicks across the arena.

Challenge Acts are special acts that often come with rules or modifiers that make it harder somehow or require different skills.

Limited Acts are special and only happen in cycles of real-world time. They offer unique rewards and challenges not found in others.

Rival Acts have rules similar to standard Acts, the only difference being that the player is being harangued by an antagonistic Ego that can be Captured with an item that temporarily disables the damage of attacks but adds to a Capture Bar with every hit that scales with the target’s current HP and captures them when full.


A Morph are beings on the highest layer born from a concept created by the beings on the lower layers. They will spend their existence living according to their instincts to follow a specific purpose or pattern of actions and react in a specific way to certain types of stimuli. Different types of Morphs live in different Zones and may help the player if assisted.


Hollows are the main antagonists in the game. They are essentially beings that lack Souls and are driven purely by Willpower and are born from it when it “boils over” as a result of the feelings of beings in the lower layers becoming intensified. They are very hostile to the Zones and any beings they may find. If too many of them are within one Zone at one time, the Zone will be destroyed, so most beings make an effort to destroy them when they find them. They can come in an endless number of forms with more being discovered all the time, each with their own sets of physical and supernatural abilities. The intelligence of a Hollow tends to scale with its power, with stronger ones being able to command and organize weaker ones. There are rumours of Hollows intelligent enough to communicate with Souls that are able to command Hollows across multiple Zones.


Quirk constitutes the substance of the world. All Quirk is made of the same basic subatomic substance, but can exist in countless forms depending on how the substance is structured and can possess one or more of countless properties in the form it takes. How Quirk is structured largely depends on the Zone it comes from.


Willpower is the energy that drives all things in the Zones. It can be applied an endless number of ways and serves as the fuel source for all supernatural phenomena in the Zones.


Symbols are objects made of Quirk that are saturated with Willpower. They are used to create or improve things in the universe by the Souls inhabiting it. Different Zones will play host to different types of Symbols. Symbols can be found by clearing Acts, completing certain Tasks, hidden away at certain points, by defeating Hollows, or by interacting with certain things in certain ways.


Traces are essentially smaller pieces of Quirk saturated with Willpower that serve as the currency of the game and are used as a fuel source by most beings. They can be found pretty much anywhere and are required to complete most actions involving creating or upgrading things.


An Ego is a body a Soul may inhabit. An Ego is born from a great deed that was able to affect the lives of countless other beings in dramatic ways on lower layers. With a Soul animating it, it can produce Willpower to use supernatural abilities called Corpus. Each Ego also has a usable object that it can make appear or disappear at will called a Figment. Figments can be either a handheld tool or weapon, an extension of their body, an animate figure that it can control like a puppet, or some manner of trinket or apparatus that serves as the medium for a supernatural force.


Gameplay Overview​

Upon first arriving, the player is instructed to choose one of several Egos that offer different starting experiences that can all be obtained at a later point. Players will obtain more Egos after completing prerequisite quests. All Egos can be upgraded a Level upon using required Symbols and the necessary amount of Traces. An Ego's capabilities scale from their Level.

All Acts have Checkpoints that can be warped between. It serves as a point where the Player can Regenerate a new Ego in their Party at once their current Ego is Defeated after losing all its HP. If all Egos are Defeated, the Player gets a Game Over and is forced back to their Hub, losing everything they gathered within the Zone. Between Acts, the player can select from a number of Egos for their party with more slots available as the player progresses. Each Ego can hold a certain number of items, not counting stacks. Players can select Egos using the left/right parts of the control pad and select items with the up/down parts.

Players can also join or create Multiplayer Rooms to cooperate with and/or compete against other Players. If an Act requires an Ego with a specific set of abilities or traits, it will suggest them. If the player does not have that Ego in their possession, they can use a Rental Ego for use in that Act.



A: Jump, Aerial

B: Interact, Variable Input, Use Selected Party Member/Item

Y: Unique

X: Corpus

RB: Guard, Deflect

RT: Attack

LT: Dash, Run

LB: Lock Target, Lock Hold

Control Pad: Select Party Member/Item

Left Stick: Movement

Left Stick Press: Toggle Look Mode

Right Stick: Camera

Right Stick Press: Sneak

Start: Pause Menu, Options, Quit Area, Quit Game

Select: Menu, Inventory, Info Log


Space: Jump, Aerial

F: Corpus

R: Interact, Variable Input.

V: Unique

R: Dash, Run

LMB: Attack

RMB: Guard, Deflect

MMB: Lock Target, Hold Lock

Directional Inputs: Select Item, Use Item

WASD: Movement

1: Look Mode

Mouse: Camera

Tab: Sneak

Esc: Pause Menu, Options, Quit Area, Quit Game

Tab: Character Menu, Inventory, Info Log



Players have two meters that tell for three vital resources Hit Points (HP) and Will Points (WP) When an Ego takes Damage from an enemy Attack or a Hazard, they lose HP relative to their Resistances and severity of the Damage. When a player’s current Ego runs out of HP they are forced to restart at their last used Save Point and lose the use of that Ego for the rest of the Zone. Every Ego has a Normal Attack activated by pressing the Attack Input and an Advanced Attack activated by holding the Attack Input which often comes with certain mechanics that can amplify damage in certain ways or under certain conditions. The player can destroy Hollows by Attacking them and reducing their HP to zero. In response to Hollow’s attacks, players can avoid them by Dashing by pressing the Dash input or Jumping by holding it and going in a certain direction. If a player is adept at reading the Hollow’s attacks, they can take advantage of their momentary Recovery periods between attacks to damage them without leaving them a chance to defend.

Players can also Defend against Hollows’ attacks by holding the Guard input, which neutralizes all damage on contact but if the number or power of blocked attacks passes a certain threshold, it puts the player into the Staggered state. The Defense constantly regenerates, but once Staggered the player can’t Attack, Defend, use Active Corpus, for multiple frames depending on their Defense Regeneration By pressing the Guard input rather than holding it, they can Deflect an attack instead, which drains an opponent's Defense instead, however this only lasts for a brief moment and can easily lead to damage if the player misreads the Attack. Some Attacks can’t be Guarded against without a shield of some sort, but they can be Deflected. Some Attacks can’t be Guarded or Deflected regardless of the presence of a shield. Most non-cannon fodder Hollows will actively Guard between Attacks and uses of Corpus, so the player must be aggressive so as to put them into the Staggered state. Some Hollows and Egos regenerate their Defense at an accelerated rate, but when any character has low HP they enter a state called Pressed where their Defense regenerates at a greatly diminished rate. When using projectile/ranged weapons, holding the Guard instead changes to a Zoomed shooting perspective to aid in aiming, which can progress to a first-person Crosshair perspective once the Look input is pressed.

Players also have opportunities to do increased damage to foes called Critical Hits. Their first would be to attack their Weak Point (Ex head), their Blind Side (Ex back) and while they are unaware of their presence (asleep), usually facilitated by Sneaking. Each Ego has a Critical Stat which determines how much a Critical Hit multiplies the damage.


The most effective way of Damaging foes and Defending against attacks would be to use Active Corpus. Even Active Corpus used by Egos with Very Low Active Corpus Damage tend to do slightly more Damage than an attack with a Very High Attack Damage stat. The use of Corpus requires the expenditure of WPs. WPs are counted as sections of the WP Bar, which fills as the player Attacks, Guards powerful Attacks, Deflects at the last moment, and Dashes and Jumps to avoid attacks at the last moment. Different Egos have different lengths of WP bars. Most attacks have some kind of attribute and all Egos have at least one at their disposal. Every attribute is strong against one and weak against another: Red > Orange > Yellow > Green > Blue > Purple > Red. White and Black are wild cards. White defeats Red, Blue, and Yellow. Black Defeats Orange, Green, and Purple. Both are defeated by themselves and each other.

Corpus can take many different forms such as some manner of specialized Attack technique, some manner of physical projectiles, magic spell-like Force projections, the creation of a Construct, a temporary Buff or positive Effect, self-healing, an Attack that bestows a Status Ailment, Debuff or Negative Effect of some sort, Attacks that do increased Damage once certain conditions are fulfilled, something that affects the whole Act, or something that isn’t always related to combat like an action that assists in traversing the environment.

Possible Advanced Attacks​

A few examples of Advanced Attacks include thrust attacks which can't be blocked or always deflected unless the target is using a form of shield, flailing attacks which can deal damage regardless of how the target attempts to block or deflect them and can sometimes temporarily disable foes' attacks, sweeping attacks which can damage groups of foes, low attacks that can only be avoided through aerial maneuvers such as jumping, ranged or projectile attacks which can harm foes from an extended distance, charge attacks where the character can quickly cover the distance to a foe, rush attacks which start combos that strike quicker in succession than the normal attack, burst attacks which strike multiple times in rapid succession, heavy attacks which do chip damage even if the attack itself is blocked or parried, and grab attacks which can't be blocked or deflected and can even launch foes into hazards or other foes for further damage.


Items are actively used objects that serve many purposes including healing damage or restoring critical resources. Some items can be stacked but in turn are consumable. Some items have multiple uses but must be recharged between Acts, and some have unlimited uses but are only useful in very specific situations. Different Egos have more or less slots for Items and the player can decide which ones in the party can get them between Acts.


Artifacts act as the equipment in the game, boosting an Ego’s stats and endowing them with passive effects. Some Egos can equip more at once than others. Some dramatically increase some stats but endow a negative effect of some sort. Some endow very useful passive effects and stat boosts but “break” and disappear under the right conditions.

List of Egos​



A tall Ego resembling a suit of plate armor with a cape. They have a very passionate personality and tend to react to things, especially antagonization, very extravagantly.


Movement Speed: Medium-low

Normal Attack Damage: Medium-High

Corpus Attack Damage: Medium

Attack Resistance: Medium-High

Corpus Resistance: Medium

Attack Speed: Medium-Low

WP: 5

HP: High

Defense: High

Defense Regeneration: Medium

Critical: Medium

Attribute: Orange


Figment: Claymore

Normal Attack: Sweeping Slash strikes that can hit multiple foes in range.

Advanced Attack: Three hit thrust that can't be blocked.

Range: Medium-High

Unique: Assume a stance, the longer the stance is held, the more of the Defense is regenerated in a burst once released. Action is interrupted if attacked before being completed.

Corpus: If input is pressed, does an overhead strike that can dash to a locked on foe and does chip damage regardless if foe is Guarding that increases the greater distance dashed.If Input is held, charge a splashing spin attack centered around the user that grows in size the longer its pressed.

Passives: If guard is held, turns Cape into a forward-facing wall shield that roots and can block even thrust attacks without draining Defense but will instantly Stagger if damaged from the back.



A short Ego resembling a suit of scale armor. They are very level-headed with great intelligence and pride themselves on their calmness in danger, but are known to become greatly impassioned in response to witnessing certain actions.


Movement Speed: Medium

Normal Attack Damage: Medium

Corpus Attack Damage: Medium-high

Attack Resistance: Medium

Corpus Resistance: Medium-High

Attack Speed: Medium

WP Bar: 10

HP: Medium

Defense: High

Defense Regen: Medium

Critical: Medium-high

Attribute: Orange


Figment: Shortsword

Normal Attack: Overhead Slash strikes with Very Low chip damage.

Advanced Attack: Two hit Pierce thrust

Range: Medium-Low

Unique Ability: Assume a stance, if non-physical projectile attacks are used against them, absorb and add it to WP.

Corpus: If input is pressed, create a vertical blade beam that can hit foes in a line. If input is held, Create a horizontal blade beam that can hit foes in a wider area.

Passives: If WP is full, cannot be harmed, Attacks have extended range, and Corpus has enhanced Damage at the cost if consuming the entirety of WP.



An ego resembling some manner of predatory wild animal similar to a badger or weasel and often runs at top speed on all fours. It’s often mistaken for a Morph and reacts very violently if treated like one. Very wild and belligerent in temperament but extremely loyal and protective to those that can earn its friendship.


Movement Speed: High

Attack Damage: Very Low

Corpus Damage: High

Attack Speed: Very High

Attack Resistance: High

Corpus Resistance: Low

WP Bar: 7

HP: Very High

Defense: Low

Defense Regen: Very High

Critical: High

Attribute: Green


Figment: Bladed Claws at the end of their fingers

Normal Attack: Five-Hitting Claw Slashes

Advanced Attack: Pouncing Grab with base damaging throw.

Range: Very Low

Unique Ability: Roar that interrupts all surrounding foes’ actions and puts them in an Staggered state. If used too many times without pause inflicts the Silenced effect on its user and makes them temporarily unable to use active Corpus.

Corpus: Enter an aiming mode that can be enhanced with Look Mode. If Attack Input is held, do a continuous projectile attack. If Guard is held, enlarge fist and send it flying to Damage and knock aside all foes in their path.

Passives: Can cling to vertical surfaces the user jumps against and can freely climb. Some surfaces can’t be climbed. If Jump input is pressed and held while in midair, the user can glide. If the user presses the Defend input while in midair, the user dives and tunnels into the ground for as long as it’s held, some surfaces can’t be tunneled into. If the user runs for 3 seconds, they drop on all fours and start running at an increased speed and can run up walls. If put in a Pressed state, attack damage dramatically increases and passively generates WPs, effect is also granted to the current in-use Ego if they are selected.



An Ego resembling a levitating bronze mannequin-like doll’s torso. It is described as cold and emotionless by strangers, but those that know it personally say that they don’t make an effort to show joy so that when they do feel it, others know how deeply they are feeling it. Specializes in Attacks that do very little damage but hit countless times.


Movement Speed: Very Low

Attack Damage: Very Low

Corpus Attack Damage: Very Low

Attack Resistance: Very Low

Corpus Resistance: Very Low

Attack Speed: Low

WP Bar: 20

HP: Dies upon receiving one hit of damage.

Defense: Very Low

Defense Regen: Very Low

Critical: Very Low

Attribute: Black


Figment: Zero Orbits, glass-like orbs that float around the user. More are gained as the Ego is upgraded.

Normal Attack: Fires a Zero Orbit at a foe that moves slowly but continuously damages for as long as it flies.

Advanced Attack: Uses all Zero Orbits to immobilize a foe and constantly damage for as long as it’s held. Cannot affect some foes, but will work as long as they are Staggered

Range: Long

Unique Ability: Regenerates all Zero Orbits at once in exchange for one Defense.

Corpus: If a target is locked and input is pressed, creates a construct of a cube at a locked on foe or in front of the Ego that hits every foe within very many times per second. Is sustained until next use. If target is locked and input is held, creates a cone-like construct that expands and damages every foe within very many times per second. Is sustained for as long as it is held. If no is locked and input is held, creates a construct of a sphere around the Ego that hits all foes within very many times per second and follows the user. Grows larger the longer its held. If no target is locked and input is pressed, create a construct of an elongated pyramid that goes to and continuously hits the nearest foe many times per second.

Passives: Dies upon receiving a single attack. If hit by an attack, neutralizes it by making a Zero Orbit disappear. Has a shield that floats around the Ego that nullifies any attack. Will float in the direction of either the nearest foe, one the player is locked on to, or from the front if the user is Guarding and appies the same effect to current Ego if they are selected.



An anthropomorphic hot-rod that loves to go fast. Gets impassioned very easily and can come off as insensitive and uncaring, but once its trust is earned it will be a friend to the end. Specializes in fiery firey Corpus in attacks that use its body as a medium or projectile that leaves the Burning status effect that continuously damages and can spread to others.


Movement Speed: Very High

Attack Damage: Medium-Low

Corpus Attack Damage: High

Attack Resistance: Medium-High

Corpus Resistance: Medium-High

Attack Speed: High

Defense: Medium-High

Defense Regen: Very High

WP Bar: 12

HP: Very Low

Critical: Medium

Attribute: Red


Figment: Piston gun

Normal Attack: High-precision bullets.

Advanced Attack: Eight-bullet burst fire.

Range: High

Unique: 4-stage gear shift that scales Defense regeneration and passive WP generation.

Corpus: If pressed, charge forward or to a locked-on enemy while leaving behind a trail of fire. If it hits a foe makes a splash that knocks back a foe and leaves behind a circle of fire. Circle lasts longer the further the user travels. If held, encases the user in a wheel of fire that moves forward while continuously damaged all foes it touches.

Passives: If running, change into a motor-vehicle like form for enhanced speed and the ability to damage and send smaller foes flying on contact. If Jump input is pressed while in midair, deploy hovercraft blades to fly at a fixed point. If WP is full, user has enhanced movement and Attack speed.



A very large, very wide Ego resembling a viking in very large fur pelt armor. When they go on missions, they are known for taking everything that isn’t nailed down, but they blow all profit at once on a large party with all their friends. Specializes in AOE Defensive Corpus.


Movement Speed: Very Low

Attack Damage: High

Corpus Attack Damage: Medium

Attack Resistance: High

Corpus Resistance: Medium-High

Attack Speed: Low

WP Bar: 9

HP: High

Critical: Low

Defense: Very High

Defense Regen: Low

Attribute: Blue


Corpus: If held, encases the user in solid ice that absorbs all incoming damage and splashes in a wider radius the more damage is absorbed. If pressed, creates a block of ice with its own HP. Can be interacted with to pick up and shield from the front and thrown forward while sliding to damage all foes in path. Can be stood on as a platform and will float in water. If it breaks, Freezes everyone in an AOE.

Figment: War Ax Hand Cannon

Normal Attack: Swing Ax for enhanced Defense damage.

Advanced Attack: Fire cannon for splash damage at High range. Can be aimed while being held.

Range: Medium

Unique: War Horn provokes either a locked-on enemy or all surrounding enemies into attacking while having Guard lowered.

Passives: If the user makes contact with the surface of a fluid terrain, create a boat beneath them that they can freely traverse over while being able to Attack, Defend, and Jump and effect persists even after switching to another character while in-use. If Frozen, suffers no negative effects and gains a Barrier with HP scaling with power of Freeze.



An Ego resembling a cloth doll dressed up like a wizard. They come off as aloof and unfocused, but have a profound love of freedom and self-expression. Specializes in AOE and Attribute changing Corpus.


Movement Speed: Medium-high

Normal Attack Damage: High

Corpus Attack Damage: Very High

Attack Resistance: Low

Corpus Resistance: Very Low

Attack Speed: High

WP: 20

HP: Medium

Defense: Low

Defense Regeneration: Medium

Critical: Medium-Low

Attribute: Black


Figment: Cloud that floats around the user and can guard attacks. Comes with its own HP that makes it need to regenerate for an extended period when it disappears.

Attack: Burst in a short radius.

Advanced Attack: Send cloud to float around locked on foe. A second use retrieves it.

Range: Unlimited.

Unique Ability: If held, makes the cloud larger but slower with greater radius of effectiveness. If pressed, turns it into multiple smaller clouds that can be sent to multiple foes.

Corpus: Pressing the input causes the user's Attribute to change from Red, Yellow, and Blue. Holding the input causes them to float overhead and rain for continuous damage.

Passives: Pressing the Jump input while in air summons the cloud beneath the user and enables them to fly at a fixed point. Pressing the Run input raises it, Pressing the Guard input lowers it. The user can jump off of the cloud. The user suffers no negative effects from weather-type events and gains passive WP generation in the presence of them and appies the same effect to the current character if they are selected.



A sneaky sniper with spindly legs and segments resembling a partially-mechanical crustacean of some sort. They are quite greedy and will attack anyone to get to their valuables but almost never fight by themselves. If they’re impressed, they will follow the one that impressed them to the ends of any Zone.


Movement Speed: Very High

Normal Attack Damage: Very Low

Corpus Attack Damage: Medium-Low

Attack Resistance: Very Low

Corpus Resistance: Medium-High

Attack Speed: Very High

WP: 4

HP: Medium

Defense: High

Critical: Very High

Attribute: White


Figment: A carbine-like forearm with a scope and a spearhead bayonet.

Attack: Thrust with the bayonet.

Advanced Attack: Shoot a high-precision bullet.

Range: Very Low to Very High

Unique: Extend the length of the Figment. The longer it is, the more times the bayonet and bullet hit in one shot, but the lower the Attack Speed.

Corpus: Mark a target with a crosshair. Attack to hit them with an indefensible attack from any distance. Defend to warp behind them. Dash to switch places with them. Multiple Marks can be made to either hit one foe with multiple attacks or multiple foes, but cannot use warp abilities. Hold to unmark.

Passives: Hold Dash to enter a hexapod mode that can freely climb walls, float across the surface of non-hazardous fluids, jump in midair up to two times, and perform one midair dash when Attacking. If using a different Ego while Treyce is selected, hold the Guard input to mark a locked-on foe and Attack to signal to hit with an indefensible Attack at any range.


Contrast Hollow​


This Zone is heavily modified after a forest and holds animal-like Morphs and Hollows and features gimmicks involving woodland plants. The primary event runs on a 12-minute cycle. During the 6 minute day cycle it is easy to traverse and the Morphs are active and are involved in Tasks that are helping the animals. During the 6 minute night cycle, the Hollows become active and several plant-based hazards emerge, however several alternate paths and routes also open up leading to greater rewards.


Deerling: Morphs that must be herded to areas of tall grass, the pronged ones have a chance to become aggressive if agitated and can sometimes get into fights which can be broken up. The ones without prongs are faster but more skittish and harder to herd but offer greater rewards once herded to tall grass.

Squirrely: Skittish Morphs that hide when an Ego gets near but can be gently coaxed to the Ego after picking up a piece of Quirk resembling a nut and holding still.

Birdee: Morphs that sing certain notes in response to the basic actions of an Ego. They lurk in areas that have hints to what notes need to be played in what order to complete Tasks.

Fengo: Skittish creatures that once spotted run away and will disappear when far enough. But if chased a sufficient distance will lead the Ego to a den which gives out a reward once they enter.


Gangwulfs: Wolf-like hollows that attack with Slash-based attacks and can grab for base damage. The Alpha among them will periodically howl to summon more and must be defeated to end the fight. Attribute: Green

Strignox: Owl-like Hollows that can turn invisible and reappear right before attacking in a divebomb with Pierce. Occasionally they’ll appear and perch somewhere to charge a wide-radius Ether that Confuses the Ego and makes their next input completely randomized. Attribute: Yellow

Pinechin: A ball of spikes with feet that extend them in response to an attack to Guard and deal counteractive damage but will become vulnerable when they charge a burstfire Pierce projectile. Attribute: Green

Ursix: A large bear-like Hollow that has an onslaught mode where they charge forward but can’t Guard and an upright combat mode where they Guard between combo attacks that do chip damage. Occasionally, they’ll telegraph a grab attack that deals heavy base damage. Attribute: Green

Coqador: A large chicken-like Hollow that can Dash to avoid pretty much any attack. It will strike with great speed and precision with either a three-combo Pierce pecking attack or a leaping double-strike Slash talon attack. At long ranges, it will become vulnerable as it coughs up and launches an explosive feathered egg-like projectile that is flung high up but will slowly but strongly home in on the Ego. Attribute: Yellow

Torkus: A very large turtle-like hollow that can stand upright to Attack and Guard. When it’s Staggered, it will instead curl up in its shell to do either a spinning attack with strong homing or a very fast rolling attack. It cannot be normally damaged with Attacks but it can be forced into a patch of explosive mushroom-like Quirk that pop up at night for heavy damage. Attribute: Blue

Symphony City​


A place full of structures resembling musical instruments. It’s full of gimmicks and hazards that activate in response to certain parts of the song and has metronome-like gimmicks which can trigger events that make the gimmicks and hazards activate faster or slower.


Notez: Morphs that resemble musical notes that must be placed in the correct order on sheet music to complete their tasks. They are normally very skittish but will gather around certain gimmicks once they are triggered.

Divauto: A Morph resembling a mechanical doll that comes out once certain points in the music come up to sing, but the machinery surrounding it often has damage that causes it to sing badly. Fixing it will solve the Task.

Conductauto: A morph resembling a mechanical conductor that attempts to conduct a row of mechanical instruments that often get their parts wrong. Different instruments have different methods to get them to follow along, completing the Task.


Stringz: A small spider-like Hollow with body parts resembling stringed instruments. It will launch its metal wire-like webbing to Bind the Ego and pluck them to send attacks at them. Attribute: Orange

Horntar: A stationary Hollow resembling a cannon and brass horn that can attack from very long ranges with splash projectile attacks. Attribute: Orange

Skill Piper: A Hollow holding a clarinet-like instrument who’s song severely drains all of an Ego’s stats as long as it’s being played. Attribute: White

Drumster: A hollow resembling a large drum with two drumstick-like arms that deal chip-damage. Can’t be hurt from the front while not Staggered and causes most projectile attacks to rebound back at the Ego. Will occasionally root itself to play a song which boosts the Damage and attack Speed of all nearby Hollows. Attribute: Orange

Squeezy: A hollow with two accordion-like arms that can extend to attack from a distance. It will occasionally play a song which Entrances the Ego, forcing them to Lock-On to it and only it. Attribute: White

Discordo: A Hollow that normally hides inside of its invincible piano that charges to attack. While in battle, the music becomes distorted and unharmonious, but if the various mechanical instruments throughout the arena are righted, it will be forced to reveal itself but will launch its powerful homing projectiles that deal fractional damage. Attribute: Black

Junk Plains​


A place covered in structures or scrap and garbage big and small. Many of the gimmicks are focused on putting particular types of Quirk into its right place and it features events where various mechanisms activate that mechanically obliterate things caught in them or deploy various fluids and gas that Poison for continuous damage or lower stats and pits of a mystery substance that endows the Sick status which disables Item usage.


Kleptermits: Morphs that are willing to trade various Items and Artifacts in exchange for other Items or picked-up Quirk.

Semblerz: Mechanical Morphs that need to put together specific objects but cannot either due to faults in the assembly process or a lack of needed materials.

Fynditz: Morphs that are looking for a specific object and will offer rewards in exchange.


Trick Teddies: A Hollow with two forms, a gentle form that will hug other Hollows to heal them, and a monstrous form which attacks with slashing attacks and Binding attacks. Gentle Form Attribute: Green. Monstrous Form Attribute: Orange

Gunk Buckets: Hollows that normally hide in indestructible shells in response to attacks but will become vulnerable for an extended period once their extending bite attacks are Deflected but will give the Sick status when they hit. Attribute: Purple

Gadget Links: Small and weak hollows that come in various forms that only do one simple attack for one attribute at close range but can form Clusters with more complex attacks that can Defend themselves. Attribute: Orange

The Packer: A stationary machine Hollow that has various machinery around it that attack the Ego in many ways. Will constantly try to pull the Ego into its mechanism that kills instantly. Can only be damaged by destroying its machinery and feeding the volatile components to it. Attribute: Black

Coral Metropolis​


An underwater urban area with architecture sculpted from various corals. Has gimmicks and hazards based on the various vehicles going throughout it. Has reduced speed and gravity but can allow Egos with swimming abilities easy ways to traverse it.


Schoolies: A group fish-like Morphs that ask various trivia questions once interacted with.

Stoon: Whale-like Morphs covered in things that have to be cleaned or broken off.

Swug: Slug-like Morphs that can be guided to various messes and garbage that can be cleaned up for rewards.

Pheona: Small fast-swimming creatures resembling a cross between dolphins and manta-rays that will either play games or challenge Egos to races.


Snipester: Hollows resembling lobsters that hide in inaccessible holes when the Ego draws near but will launch rapid-fire bullets from a distance. If they lose sight of the Ego, they can be snuck up on to be damaged. Attribute: Purple.

Jailjaw: Shark-like Hollows that Bind the Ego within their very large mouths and will kill instantly if the Ego can’t free themselves after a period passes. Attribute: Black.

Nelly: Jellyfish-like Hollows that will Latch onto an Ego to Confuse it and periodically hit it with damage. Attribute: Purple.

Snight: Anthropomorphic figures covered in an armor of seashells and holding weapons such as a shield resembling a bivalve shell that can Guard without losing Defense and a lance resembling a spiral shell that deals five-hitting Pierce attacks. Will strike and Guard from a distance but each Damaging hit breaks off their armor little by little, revealing their soft snail-like bodies which can then be damaged. Attribute: Purple.

Hermit Fortress: A very large Hollow resembling a hermit crab with very long legs. Carries a giant shell on its back that has creatures attached to it that fire projectile attacks of various forms and attributes. Killing them exposes cracks in the shell that can be destroyed to damage it. Triggering gimmicks that make buildings fall onto it Staggers, which also Stuns the weapons. Attribute: Black.

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