Top 10 Minecraft Horror Modpacks That Are Fun

Katherine Michelle Cason

Nov 29, 2022
Many players gravitate to Minecraft for the simplicity of the game. In fact, that is exactly what draws most people in. However, there is also a generous portion of players that yearn for a bit more excitement. Something that makes the game more challenging, or even a bit spooky. Fortunately, there are mods, maps, skins, and even entire modpacks to help you get that experience.

Check out the top 10 horror modpacks!

10. Horror Craft​


Beware the circling dragons!

Horror Craft is designed to make you anxious every time you play. It is a mix of a somewhat peaceful daytime and a nighttime that will increase your fear of the dark. Your days are filled with anticipation, waiting for whatever horror will take over your night: blood moons, deadly creatures, pitch-black darkness, zombies, sanity levels, parasites and even dragons.

Blood-curdling screams and spine-chilling moans and groans can be heard from miles away, or if you're unlucky, inches away, through the nightmare-inducing, monster-infested darkness. You never know what to expect, and if and when you'll be brutally murdered.

The modpack's developer consciously set out to cultivate a climate of anxiety and fear, doom, and fear. It seems like they were rather successful in creating the desired atmosphere. The ambience is chilling and the variety of creatures hunting you, ever-changing surroundings, and the pitch-black of night falling around you all lead to an experience that you don’t quite expect to come from Minecraft. A job well done!

Why Horror Craft is a fun modpack:

  • Random spawn points make it difficult to settle in: While you spawn into one dimension, the creator developed more than that. Death can cause you to spawn on the other side of the world, or in another dimension entirely. It’s best to avoid it at all costs.
  • Extreme darkness makes for a challenge: Incredible darkness makes it quite difficult to see once night falls. It’s even worse when you enter a cave or something similar. You never know what’s around the corner.
  • Quests give you guidance: Having quests gives you a sense of direction and encourages you as you choose your path and make decisions.
  • Incredible ambience packs added: The sound effects, music, etc. are incredibly nerve-wracking. Sounds of creatures moaning or growling after the hardcore darkness has fallen or a blood moon overtakes the sky is shockingly eerie.
  • A plague of devastation: On top of all of the other inconvenient but entertaining add-ons and mods, the dev added an infection, or a plague, that makes its way through the game, devastating everything in its path.
Get the modpack here: Horror Craft

9. Journey to the Core​


Journals are essential on your journey.

Based on the book and film, Journey to the Center of the Earth, the Journey to the Core Minecraft modpack is full of the unknown. Deep underground, there is rumored immeasurable treasure to be had. Sadly, no one is known to have survived the dangerous journey.

The journey will begin in an uncomfortably small and deeply dark cave. From there, you will descend into the depths of each dimension until you reach the core. Enjoy this modpack in Hardcore Questing Modes (HQM). Will you be the first to survive the painstakingly challenging journey?

The creators obviously put a great deal of effort into developing this modpack. While it is not full of extremely terrifying creatures or spine-tingling audio effects, it does have a challenging element that creates a sense of fear and dread when playing.

The journey through the unknown is made thrillingly spooky by trees falling and animals charging from nowhere—creatures from the unknown. If you enjoy a challenge, low-lit exploration, or facing the unexpected, this is likely the modpack for you.

Why Journey to the Core is a fun modpack:

  • Hardcore challenges: To play your way through the modpack, there are incredibly challenging quests to complete. The only way to move on to the next dimension is to complete each quest successfully.
  • Specially designed dimensions: Each level or dimension is uniquely designed, so what you face in each dimension will differ.
Get the modpack here: Journey to the Core

8. Invasion​


Important information is required for survival.

Players who have come before you have somehow depleted all the resources in your Minecraft world. Among the savage remnants, you'll have to survive. Unfortunately, all the resources have been mined away. Water is limited, and crafting tables are few and far between, and their number is decreasing quickly.

It's a struggle to survive and gather the materials you need. Items like crafting tables cannot be made, only purchased, so it's a constant search for the tools you need to survive. The fact that Invasion can be played in Hardcore, Survival, and HQM Hardcore modes makes for a terrifying, puzzling challenge.

The developers set out with the goal of creating a challenging Minecraft experience. Well, let me tell you, not only is it challenging, but the packs combined to create the experience turn it into something downright scary. They added quests and other features to add to the challenge of the modpack. Alongside what the modpack already includes, other resource packs and adjustments can be made to make for the most challenging Minecraft experience ever!

Why Invasion is a fun modpack:

  • Extreme elements: There are quite a few new elements, but also a great deal of challenging old elements that make the game even more of a difficult experience.
  • Hostile mobs: Added to the vanilla mob list are quite a few new extremely hostile mobs. They have one purpose… To hunt you down and destroy you. So it’s important to prepare yourself as best you can for a constant battle.
  • Downright challenging: You’ll be hard-pressed to find a modpack that’s quite as challenging. It’s true you’ll be scared to even play this for the difficulty. Finding supplies, protecting yourself, and just survival in general is unbelievably demanding.
Get the modpack here: Invasion

7. Hostile Worlds - Invasions​


Height may be key to your survival.

Every three nights, you're burdened by random mobs who attack your base. The miner mobs will stop at nothing to reach you, even if that means digging through blocks or chopping down trees. They will even team up to work together and hoist each other over your barrier walls to destroy you.

The invasion modpack has been entirely redone from the ground up The invasions happen more at night than at any other time, but they are completely customizable and support other mods. The dedication to hostility among the mobs, especially the zombie miners, makes for a frightening experience.

The developer of Hostile Worlds obviously worked extremely hard to create an incredible modpack. Leaving it open to add other mods on top of the modpack was a wise decision. It's especially convenient to be able to personalize invasions, and after downloading the modpack, most players usually add extremely terrifying hordes.

Why Hostile Worlds modpack is fun:

  • Customization abilities: While the modpack comes with recommended settings, it is fully customizable. Time frame, difficulty, and so much more is able to be customized to your preferred settings.
  • Frightening mobs: Beyond the vanilla mobs lies a modpack full of unbelievably frightening mobs like the zombie miners that invade your fort. Not to mention the randomosity of the invasions leaves you constantly on edge, waiting to be attacked.
Get the modpack here: Hostile Worlds - Invasions

6. Horror Island​


Surrounded by water on all sides can't get much worse... Can it?

Horror Island focuses mostly on creating an extremely terrifying experience. It combines many of the most horrifying mods to add a variety of creepy mobs, including mutants, phantoms, weeping angels, ghosts, and many more. It's safe to assume that when you come across any one of these mobs, they are hostile. What's more, there is the feeling of constantly being watched. Can you handle that?

The modpack's creator was successful in subtly altering the gameplay of vanilla Minecraft. So while you still get the feel of Minecraft, it's been creatively turned into a horror game. Nothing about the mods radically changes the world around you, yet you can feel that nothing is the same. There are hidden secondary objects that, while they are not necessary, can be used to create seriously powerful tools or weapons. It's a ridiculously fun and creative horror modpack that no one expected.

Why Horror Island is a fun modpack:

  • Increasingly difficult: While the changes may be subtle, the increase in difficulty is quite obvious. Death is iminent, but each time you die you can make changes to your activity to increase your chances of survival.
  • Inconveniences add to the atmosphere: Some of the mods add simple little inconveniences, like placed torches breaking for no reason. These conveniences increase the difficulty, as well as the level of suspense.
  • Incredibly entertaining with friends: Not only is the modpack entertaining in a solo setting, but it becomes especially amusing amongst friends. Fighting for resources, sabotaging others, and then ultimately working together is quite enthralling.
Get the modpack here: Horror Island

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