Top 15 Minecraft Horror Creature Mods That Are Fun

Katherine Michelle Cason

Nov 29, 2022
Playing a mellow game of vanilla Minecraft is something that many of us can enjoy. The relaxation of creating and mining is perfect to take the edge off after a long week. But let’s be honest here. Many of us horror fans can’t keep up with the slow pace of Minecraft because it sometimes gets, well, a bit boring.

That’s why there are mods. Mods, mods, so many mods. Nothing changes things up a bit like a modification. For horror fans who enjoy Minecraft but maybe want to add a bit of spice to their survival experience, you have horror mods. Horror mods do anything from changing the ambiance to changing or adding terrifying creatures to your Minecraft world.

Check out the top 15 horror creature mods!

15. Slenderman​


Slenderman is a commonly known CreepyPasta tale that most horror fans would recognize. The tall, terrifying creature hides in the night's total darkness before vanishing and giving you the creeps. Dozens children have been kidnapped by the creature, and it has also driven numerous individuals insane. Now, he is lurking in Minecraft.

With the Slenderman mod, you face the entity himself. He spawns in mainly forest biomes, so for your safety, avoid them at all costs. Once he's found you, a message will warn you, giving you approximately 50 seconds to get as far away as possible, or you will have to fight him. Beware the effects Slenderman can have on you: blindness, nausea, and more. However, there are tools that can be used to decrease these effects, like the souls of children before you.

Why the Slenderman mod is fun:

  • Enjoy a thrilling experience with the mod: Playing Minecraft with the Slenderman mod applied creates a thrilling experience. There’s nothing quite like the eerie feeling of someone constantly watching you beyond your vision’s reach.
  • It’s a challenge to escape Slenderman: You may think that you’re hiding when you slip into your house or through a trapdoor into an underground tunnel. But that’s simply not the case. Slenderman can break doors, glass, trapdoors, and so much more. Little will protect you, so you’ll have to get creative.
  • Attempt defense by crafting: While playing the mod, you can get creative with your defenses. On ‘Easy mode,’ Slenderman can be killed with any sword. However, it gets more difficult obviously as you adjust modes. But when you finally do kill him, you can create more defense from the children’s souls he drops.
  • Select where to spawn another Slenderman: The mod not only randomly spawns Slenderman but also lets you specify where he should appear. You can spawn Slenderman whenever you like by using two black wool blocks and adding the provided Slender Spawner block on top.
Get the mod here: Slender Man Mod

14. Mutant Beasts​

Mutant Beasts (Minecraft Mod Showcase 1.16.5)

The Mutant Beasts mod basically buffs the original vanilla Minecraft mobs. While the original mobs are simple enough to fight and kill, the mini-boss versions present a bit more of a challenge but also come with greater rewards. Once killed, the creatures drop items that can be used to the players' advantage.

The mod is an upgrade from the Mutant Creatures mod created years before. There are several buff mobs to choose from and battle. The upgrades have created mutant zombies, mutant skeletons, mutant creepers, mutant Enderman, mutant snow golems, mutant spider pigs, and more. The mutant versions of the vanilla mobs are overwhelmingly monstrous. But it makes for a fun experience all the same.

Why the Mutant Beasts mod is fun:

  • Use the mobs to create boss fights: You will never get bored battling the mini-bosslike creatures that are spawned from this mod. Create your own battle arena, spawn the creatures, and battle until your heart’s content.
  • The upgraded mobs are entertaining: The mutant mobs are larger, smarter, and all around better to battle. They have more abilities than the original vanilla Minecraft mobs that you are used to fighting.
Get the mod here: Mutant Beasts

13. Fish’s Undead Rising​

Fish's Undead Rising (Minecraft Mod Showcase | 1.12.2)

Fish’s Undead Rising mod aims to add some pretty terrifying mobs to the peaceful world of Minecraft. The mod introduces you to several new terrifying creatures that have never before been seen. The mobs are very different from the limited vanilla mobs originally in Minecraft.

The mobs' abilities differ in nature, and they have new abilities compared to the original mobs of the game. But they all have one thing in common. They have a bloodthirsty desire to destroy the player. However, if you are able to survive an encounter with these threatening mobs, they drop some pretty useful loot.

Why Fish’s Undead Rising is a fun mod:

  • There are a few passive mobs: There are a few new passive mobs that are introduced. They are not only tamable mobs, but they are quite entertaining to interact with.
  • Introduces new loot items: Killing the new mobs, both passive and hostile, will cause them to drop new useful loot items. These loot items can be used to create new equipment and build useful tools.
  • The mod adds several new hostile mobs:Fish’s Undead Rising introduces more than seven new mobs.
    • Infected Zombie
    • Foglet
    • Sludge Lord
    • Piranhas
    • Swarmers
    • Parasite
    • Vespas
    • Undead Swine
    • Wendigo
    • Mimi Crabs
    • Nether Salamanders
Get the mod here: Fish's Undead Rising

12. Scape and Run: Parasites​

Scape & Run: Parasites (Minecraft Mod Showcase | 1.12.2)

The Scape and Run: Parasites mod brings terrifyingly dangerous mobs with parasite themes into your peaceful Minecraft world. It's unlike any other mod in terms of the creatures that get spawned. The mod's difficulty is increased by the fact that the mobs spawn everywhere and are not biome-specific.

You are not safer at a certain time because the mobs do not burn during the day. The mod creates a deadly invasion, a game of cat and mouse. Unfortunately, you are the mouse in this scenario. Your only hope of survival is if the hostile mobs turn on each other and begin an internal battle.

Why the Scape and Run: Parasites mod is fun:

  • The mod is a continuous battle: Because there is no time of day when the mobs are less active, you face a perpetual fight against the mobs. There is no running or hiding, they will find you. To survive you must kill them, or hope they kill each other.
  • There are many new mobs: Over 10 new mobs infect the world of Minecraft. They can spawn or upgrade upon death. There are also a few features that simply infect anything and everything around them, like the Beckon.
  • Unhostile mobs can be infected: Not only do you have to worry about the new mobs being introduced and infecting each other, but the vanilla mobs can be infected, as well. Because of this, whole villages and civilizations in your world can be wiped within a few minutes. It’s best to kill as many parasites as you can when they’re babies.
Get the mod here: Scape and Run: Parasites

11. John​

Minecraft Mod Showcase : JOHN!

The John mod adds three horrific versions of the creature. While there are only three incredibly freaky mobs, it creates a somewhat challenging experience. The mobs— Baby John, John, and MegaJohn— all have unique features and sounds that are terrifying.

This mod also comes with a couple of new items: the Immortality Gem and the Immortal Sword. The Baby John and John mobs both drop the Immortality Gem, and by using the recipe provided, you can craft the Immortal Sword. The Megajohn actually drops the Immortal Sword, though. Pair the John mod with another mod to create an even more challenging experience.

Why the John Mod is fun:

  • The mobs are extremely frightening: The mobs are simply designed with the intent to add fear to your heart. Their screwed up, gaping mouths are just the start to their creepy features. What seems to be tears of blood stain their white frame while their blood-curdling screams pierce your ear drums.
  • Each mob has different features: The mobs unique features sets them apart from every other mob, and for that matter, each other. Each of the three versions of the John mob have something different about them, whether it be the time and place they spawn, the horrific sound they make, their speed, the approach of attack they make, or anything else.
Get the mod here: John - Revived

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