[Top 10] LOL Best Items Against Tanks


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Jul 17, 2021
Yo people if you are having trouble playing against tanks or anything like that let me solve that issue for you! I listed you the best 10 items that works magnificently against tanks!

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Are you constantly finding yourself being dominated by a tank and you can’t even make a dent in their health bar or even take down the huge shield that they have? If this keeps happening to you as a hard-carry player and you think that you’re powerless against tanks, worry no longer as in this article I’ll be sure to show you many items that will help you in many different ways of dealing with the tanks.

Riot Games since the beginning has been implementing different ways of dealing with those pesky tanks and one of those is buying the correct items. These items can range from simply demolishing their shields to completely shredding their HP. With the correct items, you will not see tanks as scary monsters but huge meat bags that only take a lot of shots. The other way to deal with tanks is by counter picking them with a certain champion like Vayne or Viego but that is a story for another time. With that in mind let’s get into this article!

10. Serpent’s Fang (2,600 Gold)

“Your shield means nothing to me!”

First let’s take care of those annoying shields that most tank champions have due to an ability in their kit or the items that they bought. To deal with this issue Rito has given us a very specific item with a weirdly shaped snake head. You see, the item’s passive “Shield Reaver” can completely shred through their shields leaving them completely naked.

The way it does that is the player attacking the tank applies a venom that lasts for 3 seconds which reduces the amount of shields the target will receive from their abilities or items. Additionally the item also grants the player 12 lethality which gives them 7.47-12 armor penetration based on their level and 55 attack damage. It’s perfect for those champions who are mainly building AD and nothing else.

How To Get Serpent’s Fang:

To acquire this weird sword head over to your base and purchase it!

When Should You Buy This Item:

  • If the enemy tanks have an easy way of acquiring shields.
  • If you’re playing an assassin that only builds lethality and needs a quick way of dealing with shields.
  • The enemy support has started building “Locket Of The Iron Solari” which grants everyone a shield of 180-330 inside 850 units.

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