Opinion [Top 10] LOL Best Support Items To Save Your Teammates


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Jul 17, 2021
Yo yo everyone if you are someone who loves playing the support role and helping out your team in need then you'll definitly need these items to help you out!

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Let me ask you a very simple question. Are you one of those people who enjoys playing the support role but have no clue on what item you should purchase during your match or do you have no clue on how to be useful towards your team? If that is such the case you shouldn't worry any longer as in this article I’ll be listing some of the best support items that will help you save your homies from death.

Some of these support items can enhance the power of your healing or shielding abilities while others will make you stronger and tankier so you can survive on the frontlines longer protecting your team. In the end these items depend on the way that you play the support role and who you’re playing against. With that in mind let’s get into the article!

10. Chemtech Putrifer (2,300 Gold)

“Try healing now scrub.”

Have you found yourself playing against a Soraka or Yuumi in the bot-lane and your ADC can’t even make a dent in their health bars due to the amount of healing they do? Well, why not make the life of your ADC much easier by reducing the amount of healing those champions will receive in total. Once the item has reached the player’s inventory and they damage someone with a magic ability it will activate the item’s passive called “Puffcap Toxin”.

The passive “Puffcap Toxin” will place a 40% grievous wounds on the target. Grievous wounds basically lowers the amount of healing a target will receive no matter what the source of the heals is. It’s not only great against healing supports but also against champions who have a lot of life-steal. In a way you’re saving your teammates by making sure the enemy doesn’t stay alive longer than they actually should.

How To Get Chemtech Putrifier:

To make your life and your ADC’s life easier head over to your spawn and purchase a Chemtech Putrifier.

When Should You Buy This Item:

  • If the enemy team is highly reliant on life-stealing or the heals from Soraka or Yuumi during team fights.
  • If your champion can either heal or shield an ally so that the 40% grievous wounds can be applied to the enemy.
  • If you’re playing an AP support champion that would benefit from the base stats of the item.

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