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Jul 17, 2021
Here's my article about the best tank champions!

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Now, if you can’t beat them, you might as well join them. There is no other alternative; the tank apocalypse is upon us once again, and we must join them, my frens if we want to get even a speck of LP. Once the match has entered the late game phase, tanks will be almost impossible to kill, and sometimes you just have to let them do their thing as you can’t kill them alone.

The only correct way of countering a tank champion is by picking a tank champion yourself and running the whole enemy team over like you’re driving a truck. As you might have guessed, today I’ll be listing some of the best tank champions in the game for the current patch! I’ll be listing these champions by their strength alone and how hard it is for them to die during a team fight. Now that you know that, let's get into this list!

10. Rammus

“This is an ARMORdillo. Get it?” (Video By GAMEP)

Not only is this champion built like an M1A1 Abrams tank, but he can also hit like one. Truth be told, you can certainly solo carry a match only with Rammus under a very important condition, which is that the enemy team picks at least 4 champions who only deal AD or physical damage. If they are dealing, magical damage Rammus won’t be useful at all.

You see, most of his kit is based around people hitting him with auto-attacks, and that shows as he can return the incoming damage with his W “Defensive Ball Curl.” Since he’s a jungle champion, he’s also great at ganking lanes because of his Q “Powerball,” which gives him a huge movement speed boost, and the E “Frenzying Taunt,” which forces a target only to attack him.

Because of the E “Frenzying Taunt,” he can completely disable the enemy hard carry from attacking his teammates. Also, the champion’s basic attacks get stronger the more armor he has. Rammus is a great tank who is hard to kill when going against an AD team, and he can certainly be on the front, blocking the incoming damage that was aimed at his team without sweating.

Why Rammus Is A Great Tank:

  • Rammus can force someone to attack him with his E “Frenzying Taunt.” It is great for disabling the enemy hard carry from attacking your teammates.
  • The W “Defensive Ball Curl” increases his armor and magic resistance, which is great for absorbing damage on the frontlines.
  • He is great at ganking lanes.
  • The R “Soaring Slam” deals magic damage and slows enemies, which is great for crowd control during team fights.
Rammus Is Strong Against:

  • Viego
  • Kindred
  • Master Yi
  • Bel’Veth
  • Rengar
Rammus Is Weak Against:

  • Fiddlesticks
  • Wukong
  • Lillia
  • Evelynn
  • Nunu & Willump
Rammus Full Details: Rammus/LoL

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