Opinion [Top 10] LOL Best Movement Speed Items (Ranked Good To Best)


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Jul 17, 2021
Are you having troubles against people who are way faster than you and have way more movement speed? Well solve that problem with the 10 items that I listed in this article!

Hey kid, want some speed? But the movement speed kind. Of course you do what kind of silly question is that? You see, boots in League of Legends are probably some of the most essential items that you can get on the market and the reason for that is because it grants your champion movement speed which then you can use to outrun your enemies and just get around the map faster.

Of course, besides boots there are other items that give you a movement speed bonus to your champion and those items also can improve either your health, armor, attack speed, AD, and many other benefits that come with these items. Now with that in mind let’s get into this article!

10. Plated Steelcaps (1,100 Gold)

“Swiggty swooty!”

To begin this article let’s look at some of the most important items to own in the early game and those are boots. Now they come in different variants but we’ll go over those different ones a bit later. These boots right here will give you exactly 20 armor and 45 movement speed which is great for chasing down someone and making yourself a bit harder to kill due to the 20 armor that they give.

Now any type of boots are a crucial part of the early game in League of Legends as they allow you to run around the map quicker and help out your teammates or just chase someone down and kill them, buying them is a must. Because if you don’t you are clearly just handicapping yourself for no reason whatsoever and they aren’t even that expensive!

How To Get Plated Steelcaps:

To get yourself some of these snazzy shoes head over to your shop in the base and purchase them for 1,100 gold.

Plated Steelcaps Is Great For:

  • Getting close to your enemies so you can unleash a can of whoopass on them or running away to save your life.
  • The additional armor from these boots can be a lifesaver in sticky situations especially in the early game.
  • They are a great item for the early game and allow your champion to move faster around the map.

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