The Top 10 LOL Best CC Champions For Crowd Control (2022 Edition)


Jul 17, 2021

Let me start this list by saying more CC = more GG. If you don’t think that’s true ask yourself how many games have won when your team had 3-4 CC champions in your composition? Oh? Too many to count on your fingers? Good job now you know that theory works. Should you always pick a champion that can CC someone and not let them move?

Yes of course you should since CC is the most broken thing in this game except when you’re playing as a marksman of course then you should pick someone who has lots of damage and someone who’s able to one-shot their targets. Enough about me talking nonsense let’s get into the champions, shall we?

10. Ivern


"Happy to sit this one out"

Let’s start this list off with one of the friendliest characters in the whole game called Ivern “The Green Father”. You see, Ivern is a jungle support champion. But don’t let that stop you from playing him. Tyler1 managed to climb to Challenger by playing this champion.

You see Ivern has one of the fastest jungle clears in the whole game and he does not mess around. Even when ganking it’s simple. To gank with Ivern you shoot out your Q and if it hits someone it CC’s them. If you right-click on them it will pull you closer to them. The next ability that Ivern can use to CC his targets is his ultimate ability that he calls “Daisy”. For your knowledge Daisy is the side hoe that he calls whenever he wants and she’s made out of stone.

For Daisy to launch out her CC she has to hit a target three times in which she then smashes the ground and launches a path of rocks knocking up targets into the air. Once Daisy dies Ivern can spawn another one and let his murder spree continue.

What makes Ivern Great For Crowd Control:
  • Has the ability to root people and lock them in place allowing his teammates to beat the crap out of them.
  • Daisy can knock up multiple people into the air after she auto-attacks three times.
  • Ivern has the ability to spawn bushes around the rift which he can use for some juicy ganks or save his dear team.