10 Best LoL True Damage Champions That Are Powerful


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Jul 17, 2021

There are 3 different types of damage in League of Legends and those are magic, attack, and true damage. Some might be better than others but true damage is the best. Because true damage ignores all magic and armor resistances.

It cuts right through those resistances to get to the flesh instantly. But not every champion possesses the ability to deal true damage oh no only a special few. And even in those cases, they’re ranked from worst to best.

Some might be good at dealing true damage while others just sprinkle it a bit. It all depends on the champion and their abilities. Today I’ll be listing you the top 10 true damage dealers in the game and which ability deals the true damage. Shall we get into it?

10. Ivern

“The legendary old tree Ivern.”

Let’s start this list off with Ivern the support jungler. Surprised to see him here? I was surprised to even know that he deals true damage. Well, you learn something new every day. At a first look, Ivern is just a normal tree with nothing special about him.

He loves nature and long walks on the beach, he’s also sometimes quirky hehe. But here’s the catch: he doesn't deal true damage on champions but he deals that true damage on jungle camps. Instead of killing a camp Ivern “frees” it from suffering.

The amount of true damage will equal the amount of health the neutral minion has. Because of his passive ability and this insane amount of true damage that can be dealt with in neutral minions earns him the number one spot in jungle clears.

Why Ivern Is Great For True Damage:

  • Because of the true damage, he clears his jungle camp the fastest.
  • The HP of the neutral minion doesn’t matter; Ivern will “free” it.
  • The greatest jungle/support champion in the game.

9. Kog’Maw

“You kill me I go boom okay?”

Ah, this suicidal maniac is on the list and who would have known he deals true damage with his passive ability. The only way you can deal true damage with Kog’Maw is by dying. When you die you will enter a zombie state where you get a boost of movement speed and after 4 seconds you explode.

The amount of true damage that you deal depends on your level. The higher your level the more true damage you deal. Simple. Kog’Maw is an ADC champion but he’s not the only one who deals in true damage from this role.

2 other ADC champions deal much more true damage than this little suicidal maniac does. But before you die just to make sure that you’re close enough to the enemy to catch up to them. Your passive is a great tool against people who don’t expect the true damage from this little guy.

Why Kog’Maw Is Great For True Damage:

  • True damage scales with your level.
  • While in your zombie state Kog’Maw will gain a 40% movement speed boost.
  • After 4 seconds you will explode dealing true damage to people.


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