Star Trek: Lower Decks drops its first trailer, full of humour


Star Trek: Lower Decks has dropped its first trailer, giving viewers a taste of its sense of humour.

The two-minute trailer (below), full of humour, manages to fit well within the established Star Trek universe. Check out the trailer below.

The cast and crew of Lower Decks will also feature as part of the Star Trek Universe panel series. The panels can be streamed via YouTube from July 24.

Star Trek: Lower Decks debuts on August 6 on CBS All Access in America and on Sci-Fi Channel and Crave in Canada. Distribution for the rest of the world have not yet been confirmed.



The art style reminds me quite a bit of Final Space, which was brilliant! It definitely looks like it's worth a watch.


It reminded me of Below Deck Sailing Yacht a series that I found cause of the quarantine. I had never given any thoughts to the below deck things happening, so I guess it is a cool different take on what happens aboard the Cerritos. Anyway, did not find it humorous at all, but maybe its just me getting old.

Also, found this:


I like the idea of new Star Trek stuff, but I can't watch it since I don't subscribe to CBS All Access. Maybe they'll put out a bluray or something.

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