8 Best Tips For Doom Eternal Beginners


Consider purchasing the newest entry in the Doom series. Here are eight crucial recommendations that will assist you before you begin playing.

Id Software's sci-fi game, Doom Eternal, is a difficult shooter. DOOM, the 2016 semi-reboot, is far more challenging than their last attempt (referred to as DOOM 2016, to avoid confusion with the original title). There are several systems in play, an almost overwhelming number of choices in each battle scenario if you're fully equipped, and occasionally you may die simply because you're overthinking things or not employing the Doomslayer's extensive armament. Nonetheless, there are several ways to level the odds against the legions of the damned.

1. Surviving can be a struggle in the beginning​

More so than the 2016 edition, Doom Eternal's gameplay requires that you continuously swap weapons and hurl yourself into the battle loop - glory kills for health refills, the chainsaw for ammunition, and the new flamethrower for armour - guaranteeing that you're always in the middle of the fight. This implies that you will often run out of ammunition, particularly if you do not have access to the whole arsenal.

Recall that the chainsaw now automatically refills to at least one point, and if you run out of ammo during a conflict, there are continually regenerating fodder demons to cut in two. This becomes less of an issue if you get more weapons and ammunition upgrades, but it's important to bear in mind throughout the first few stages.

2. Aquire the Precision Bolt upgrade early on​

This sight transforms the Heavy Cannon into a mid-range sniper rifle. In a game as fast-paced and aggressive as Doom Eternal, you may not expect to find a place for a thoughtful, accuracy-focused upgrade such as this. In DOOM 2016, hell was, for the most part, rather ineffective. That is highly vital in Eternity.

Most opponents now have unique weak points, such as the Arachnotron's turret or the Mancubus' enormous gun arms, and a well-placed bolt may eliminate them, restricting their offensive capabilities and in certain instances triggering the Glory Kill state. On more tough settings, the ability to correctly target these enemies with a single, powerful strike is crucial to survival, so acquire this item as soon as it becomes available to make your life somewhat simpler.

3. Keep note on the different types of enemies​

The numerous opponents in Doom Eternal are now divided into three categories: Fodder, Heavy, and Super Heavy. These categories represent, for the most part, the amount of damage they can sustain before succumbing. Fodder may be killed with a few well-placed bullets, but a Super Heavy is effectively a boss, absorbing a great deal of damage and resources before being eliminated. When you first face a new foe, you are provided with information that describes not just their kind, but also their behaviour and attack patterns.

For example, the Cacodemon is a 'pressure' demon that will continually advance towards you and launch attacks, tormenting you and compelling you to do movements and acts you may not want to perform. This information about the enemies will allow you to make informed decisions about the order in which they should be engaged and killed. Generally, it is best to eliminate all Heavy demons first, leaving some Fodder for easy ammo/health/armor kills while you take on any Super Heavy that requires your full attention.

4. Avoid using your favourites weapons​

Doom Eternal requires you to frequently swap weapons throughout intense firefights, as if the weak places weren't obvious enough. In addition to the weak points, some ammunition types cause adversaries to suffer more damage, be instantaneously stunned, and exhibit a variety of other peculiarities. Well, this is Doom, and no one wants to spend time reading when they might be slaying demons, so consult the codex to determine the optimal strategy for each enemy/situation. You will have a great deal more success in the more difficult, larger fights if you learn how to deliver the most damage feasible.

5. Use fast-travel wisely​

Yes, Doom Eternal includes a fast-travel system, but it's a little peculiar and employed in a very unique manner. At the conclusion of each level, you will get a notification that quick travel is enabled. But, if you complete the level and re-enter it, quick travel will no longer be available. Weird, huh? Fundamentally, the purpose of fast travel is to return to a nearly-completed level to uncover any missed mysteries. Remember this if you're striving for perfection.

6. Combat low-level enemies for armour​

In the locations between the major combat venues and, often, shortly after a major shootout, a number of relatively harmless Fodder demons loiter. You could ignore them or kill them easily, but it would be more beneficial to use them to replenish your depleted resources. Strike them with a fire belch to collect armour shards, chainsaw one to recharge your ammunition, and then glory kill as many as possible to restore your health. Waste not, want not!

7. Set your preferred weapon mods beforehand in Battlemode​

Battlemode is the asymmetrical multiplayer mode in which one Doom Slayer faces off against two demons controlled by players. The Doom Slayer begins with every weapon but the BFG equipped with both modifications, except for the BFG. If you have a favourite mod, you may specify it in the loadout menu so you don't have to swap mods in the middle of a battle, which might cost you your life.

8. Don't stop moving​

In Doom Eternal, like in every previous Doom game (with the exception of Doom 3), running and shooting is the name of the game. This time around, you begin with the ability to double leap, and on the second level, you get a double dash that may be utilised to avoid assaults or close the gap. Staying motionless is fatal, therefore maintain a constant forward momentum.

Doom Eternal's stages and arenas are significantly more diverse and vertical due to the inclusion of these mobility possibilities so early in the game; thus, be conscious of your location and where you may go next. Keep an eye out for horizontal beams that may be used to access higher levels, and ensure that you always have an escape route if the situation becomes too chaotic.

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