5 Best Tips For The Outbound Ghost Beginners


A new independent role-playing game called The Outbound Ghost is an attempt to pay tribute to the Paper Mario games. The fact that the characters are flat images in a three-dimensional world should serve as a visual clue. However, the fact that they resemble stickers rather than cutout paper adds a touch of uniqueness.

The Outbound Ghost's conflicts are turn-based like those in traditional role-playing games, but there is a twist. Active instructions must be inputted to halt the sliding scale at the optimal location for maximum harm. The game may be both easy and difficult, so some basic instructions for newcomers would be helpful.

1. Experiment with different assist options​

Not many role-playing games have as many as The Outbound Ghost's four tiers of challenge, but having them is always welcomed. The good news is that players may adjust the game's difficulty using a variety of aid tools. There is a lot of room for players to tinker with the experience earned, damage dealt, and damage taken.

These three options have a range that goes from 0% to 500%. A good starting point for players is to attempt all three options at 100%. Specialized options, such as Figment progression, are the only ones that can't be altered after the game has begun. The game advises against incorporating any of these skills into the mix during the initial playtime.

2. Combat all enemies​

This game is a tribute to the 1990s, and despite its retro aesthetic, it has several innovative gameplay features. Monsters freely roam the world, and fights aren't chosen at random. It is possible to avoid detection by hiding in shrubs, although doing so is risky.

Players are expected to engage in combat with any on-screen enemies. Because of the lack of time between players' deaths and their respawns, early mornings provide less chances for battle. The player must engage in combat with everything they encounter in order to gain experience and level up for the more difficult monsters. But if players go behind, they may still overcome the difficulty of a monster by making use of the aforementioned aid options.

3. Make use of Aether​

Each playable character has a finite supply of AP, or Aether Points, that may be stored away for later use. These supporting cast members, known as Figments, serve as Pokemon-style sidekicks to the hero Mystic. Regret, the first Figment, has a two-AP bank. Up, one of their skills, serves to both protect the character during the round in question and conserve their available action points.

Since Regret now has two AP, they may utilise both of them in the following round. I like that the system is reminiscent of the Bravely Default games. While some characters are limited at two AP, some may go much above that threshold. There is a lot of variability, and it's crucial for managers to understand this system.

4. Aspect Forging​

The Outbound Ghost's equipment, known as "Aspects," may be equipped by a limited number of Figments. Every piece of equipment has the potential to increase a certain stat, such as health, or to bestow a special ability, such as Reconstruction 1, which allows the character's HP and SP to regenerate after each round. In the case of certain Aspects, a trade-off between increased health and diminished attack strength is possible. After engaging in a turn-based combat, players may locate equipment in chests or acquire it from foes.

However, the most efficient method of acquiring them is via making items in camp. As the game advances, the player unlocks new recipes, and in most cases, they have two options from which to choose. In these instances, players shouldn't freak out but instead should examine all available recipe books to choose the best course of action based on their intuition. There really is no such thing as a bad choice, since numerous potential recipe combinations may present themselves.

5. Keep exploring​

After a short prologue, the main action of The Outbound Ghost gets underway very fast for a role-playing game. There are locked gates all around the globe. About an hour into the game, you'll notice that the world is beginning to unlock more of its secrets and side tasks. Players should make a point to look in all the most out-of-the-way spots for useful things, since they may turn up anywhere.

It's also simple to get engrossed in the activity. If you can't see a route, going through some bushes is a safe bet. It's a good idea for players to make notes if they come across a road that is now impassable, such as one marked by a mysterious symbol or a closed gate. Taking notes is a great way to remember where you want to go back to after you have the appropriate equipment. In video games, it's important to take notes to ensure you don't forget anything.

The Outbound Ghost is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch.

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