6 Best Tips For Saturnalia Beginners


While diving into Saturnalia, new players should keep a few things in mind.

Saturnalia is a thrilling survival horror experience, but it's not easy. Throughout a playing of Saturnalia, players may anticipate to die often so that they can level up and get stronger. More than that, however, the game has a cast of characters that players may take control of and get invested in.

Some fans, particularly those with extensive experience with horror video games, will have no issue at all. On the other hand, new players beginning out in Saturnalia might benefit from these introductory pointers.

1. Learn about the different abilities​

Players in Saturnalia will have access to a wide variety of playable characters. It's worth noting that each playable character has their own unique talent that may come in handy in a variety of scenarios (such as running from the monster).

It's important for a player to familiarise themselves with the ins and outs of their character's unique skill. Thankfully, the game will help the player adjust to their new power gradually by introducing them to a character called Anita.

2. Pay close attention to sound​

Saturnalia's emphasis on sound makes it stand out from other horror games in a big way. Saturnalia's sound design is crucial since it constantly shows the player where the creature they're trying to escape from is.

As the player gets closer to the beast, a clicking sound will repeat over and over again, increasing in volume. A player should keep an ear out for the beast since it will serve as a reliable signal of when they need to flee and when they are safe to stay put.

3. Observe your environment carefully; you can't rely on a map​

No in-game map is one of Saturnalia's most glaring omissions, causing players to go lost often. It's a serious issue, particularly if the gamer wasn't paying attention to their surroundings to begin with.

Luckily, a player may avoid this by keeping an eye out for unusual features around their turns, such as a twisted tree. The player may also keep track of their movements and use this information to return to their starting point.

4. Prepare yourself for missions​

While progressing through Saturnalia, a player will undertake a number of different tasks. Naturally, these quests serve to advance the tale, as shown in the first few missions that follow the heroine Anita as she searches for the next character, Paul.

It is important for a player to take the time to be ready for the next assignments. Each mission will also provide access to a unique set of resources, such as consumables that may be used to increase a character's stats.

5. Rely on other characters to help you out​

After progressing through the game a little, the player will gain access to various playable characters. If they have a character that was eaten by the monster, this may be very helpful.

A player loses the game if the monster captures all of their characters. A player may begin the long journey to free their captive characters as soon as possible, even with only one character still alive.

6. Get a foot up by exploring available resources​

Thankfully, a player can locate almost any kind of resource at almost any moment, not only while they are actively travelling on a quest. The player may need these items in order to complete their current quest or escape the monster.

Any number of items may be used as resources. There are many different items a player may pick up, so it's important to keep an eye out for them by exploring. For instance, a consumable item that grants a speed bonus could be quite useful in helping a player escape from a monster that is pursuing them.

Saturnalia is playable on PC, PS5, Switch, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox One X.

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