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    Hello! So There Are 3 Seperate Editions: Standard 60€ Operator Edition 80€ Operator Enhanced Edition 100€ I Own 2PS With One PSN So i Was Wondering If I Get Lets Say Perhaps I Bought “Operator Enhanced Edition”...Would It Be Able To Have On Both PS The Budle That This Edition Offers? Thanks...
  3. Barida

    Black Desert coming on PS4 in August 22.

    This game comes with six phases at launch of which are The Ranger, The warrior, Sorceress, Wizard, Witch and Berserker and the good thing is they have their uniqueness. You have the opportunity to become your real self on Black Desert as you will be paired with an extensive character...
  4. Carbon

    Thoughts on PS4's support for limited resolutions

    What are you thoughts on the limited resolutions that PS4 supports? For example, on my XBOX I can play at 1440p on my monitor, whereas on a PS4 I am playing at 1080p and it's blurry. It seems like Sony gets a pass for this.
  5. playstation plus is a scam!! here's why

  6. PlayStation 5 confirmed again with PS4 sales nearing the 100 million units mark

    PlayStation 5 confirmed again with PS4 sales nearing the 100 million units mark

    With the first details about the PlayStation 5 being revealed last week by the systems architect, Mark Cerny, Sony has now officially confirmed that there is indeed a next-generation console in development by the Japanese company. In their latest earnings report, Sony revealed that their gaming...