Marvel’s Midnight Suns: 7 Tips to Lead the Best Hero Team


These guidelines will help you build a powerful superhero squad in Marvel's Midnight Suns and dominate the card game's battle.

Of order to defeat Hydra and Lilith, use the advice in Marvel's Midnight Suns to build a formidable team of superheroes and perfect your use of card-based strategies in battle. There are a lot of systems and concepts to take up since Marvel's Midnight Suns is divided between combat engagements and exploring the Abbey with RPG features. Even while the role-playing elements may seem secondary, you'll need to know how to use your time in the Abbey to maximise their benefit if you want to build, command, and improve your crew. To help you get started with Marvel's Midnight Suns, here are eight suggestions.

Check out these tips for Marvel's Midnight Suns beginners if you're new.

1. The make-up of a team is important​

The make-up of your squad is crucial if you want to complete assignments and emerge successful. You should have at least one character on your three-person squad who can create Heroism and another who can utilise it. Heroism is a vital asset since it enables your heroes to play devastating Heroic and Combo cards that may swing the balance of battle in their favour.

Superb at creating Heroism are Doctor Strange and Nico Minoru, while Captain Marvel and Ghost Rider excel at utilising it to fuel their most devastating assaults. The Hunter, the Blade, Iron Man, and Spider-Man are particularly effective at applying various status effects, but you'll also want to have some in the mix too, so make sure all your characters have a good mix of cards with things like Knockback, Taunt, Mark, Bleed, and more to make life harder for your enemies and easier for your heroes.

2. Use environmental attacks as much as possible​

When engaging in combat, you'll find a wide variety of materials at your disposal, from boxes to exploding barrels, that may be utilised to execute environmental strikes or turn the tables on your adversaries. You may still use these attacks if you have Heroism left over at the end of your turn, even if you've already used all of your Card Draws, so don't waste them on other things if you still have your Move available.

In addition to dealing damage, the Knockback state effect found on many Hero Attack cards may fling foes into obstacles or even into other enemies for even more mayhem. To illustrate, if you knock an opponent into a fuse box, they will be stunned and unable to do any actions that round. Using the environment to your advantage is essential to getting and maintaining the upper hand in Marvel's Midnight Suns. Make the most of your turns by doing as much as possible on each one.

3. Don't save cards for too long and use Card Redraws regularly​

In addition to using redraws to get rid of bad cards, you should also use them to replace some of your greatest cards. The temptation to save your most potent cards for a rainy day is real, but sometimes it pays to take a chance and spend one of your two Redraws on a card you may play right away or save for your next turn. In Midnight Suns, you should never sit on your hands, and because each round grants you two Redraws, you should always take advantage of them. Be ruthless with the cards you've been dealt; if they can't be utilised this round or the next, it may be best to trade them out for something else.

4. Keep checking on activities​

As you go through Marvel's Midnight Suns, you'll often awaken to find a fully functional world. You should use this time to check your messages and see if anybody on the map wants to talk to you or if you have any fresh Superlink notifications. Get yourself over to the Yard, where you may begin a training session worthy of a future hero. If you've begun any experiments after this, go over to the Forge and give them a quick inspection. If one is finished, begin another to ensure a steady supply of improvements. Before beginning a mission, you should decode any Intel Caches, investigate any Gamma Coils for new cards, and examine any Artifacts for resources.

You may fast-forward to night if you complete a mission or other job. Hang out with your squad and start whatever Hangouts you've been meaning to do now that everyone is winding down and getting ready for bed and you can't utilise the Forge, the Yard, CENTRAL, or the Mirror Table. Then you may retire for the night and wake up to a new day. Make sure you provide equal attention to both the day and night shifts, since team bonding is as as crucial as fixing bugs in the updates.

5. Take your time and explore Abbey​

At any time of day or night, you are welcome to wander the Abbey's grounds at your leisure. You may locate a wide variety of objects, from substances you might need later to collectable items that, when gathered together, can earn you a prize. While hanging around, you may uncover mission materials or presents that you may offer to heroes in an effort to get even more Friendship XP.

You'll also come across colourful luminous spheres on the ground as you look about. Be careful to gather as many of them as possible since they contain traces of either Attack, Skill, or Heroic Essence, or even Credits. You may boost your Arcane Level and Arcane Knowledge by inspecting various pieces of equipment you discover about the Abbey, by using Words of Power on the grounds, and even by petting Charlie, the devil dog. As your Arcane Level increases, so do the benefits you get from Arcane Chests. You'll need some Marvel's Midnight Suns Arcane Keys to get inside those chests, so get searching!

6. Hang out with heroes to raise your Friendship Level​

You'll mostly raise your Friendship Level with the other heroes by inviting them to Hangouts, which may seem like an excuse to socialise with the other heroes but are really rather crucial. It's important to work on your Friendship Level since doing so unlocks unique in-game perks and cosmetics for that hero. It's in your best interest to pay attention to the discussion that develops between you and the hero during Hangouts, since doing so might earn you bonus experience points and even more so if you give the hero a present they really like. One additional thing to keep in mind: the heroes you send on missions are more likely to be available for a Hangout afterward.

Each hero's Friendship Level in Marvel's Midnight Suns contributes to the Midnight Suns' collective Friendship Level. As your team's friendship level rises, you'll have access to greater benefits, such as high-damage Hero Combo ability cards.

7. Put aside some time for general missions​

You may access the Mirror Table's generic quests after putting in some game time. There will be times when you engage in battle outside of the main storyline and are tasked with accomplishing a specific goal. They're particularly helpful for gathering materials to level up heroes, update the Abbey, and make aesthetic changes to cards. The Hunter is not in charge of the team during general missions, so feel free to bring any three heroes you choose to test out new powers and level up.

Some general tasks can offer Credits, which can be used to pay for sparring sessions or improvements to the Forge and Yard if you're dangerously short on the currency. Additionally, we finished a task where the aim was to crack open crates, with the rewards being Essences used to level up cards. Search for the general tasks that provide Gamma Coils and Intel Caches if you're looking to enhance your heroes or get new cards.

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