Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's 10 Strongest Weapons


Many gamers are returning to The Witcher 3, and here is a list of some of the greatest weapons available in the game.

CD Projekt Red, the producer of the highly acclaimed video game adaption of The Witcher, has experienced a revival of players for its most recent chapter, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, after the debut of Netflix's The Witcher late last year. Aside from the success of the Netflix programme, The Witcher 3 was recently converted to the Nintendo Switch, which expanded the game's player base even more.

Of course, despite the Netflix boost, many believe The Witcher 3 to be a masterpiece, which is why many fans keep returning to the game. The Witcher 3 offers several weapons that make fighting even more appealing than before, in addition to its deep tale and well-developed characters. Now, for those returning to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt or fans of the Netflix show who want to experience what the video game adaptation has to offer, here are the greatest Steel and Silver Swords in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and its two expansion packs, Blood & Wine and Hearts of Stone.

The Witcher 3 is generally regarded as one of the finest video games ever created, and its next-generation update does an excellent job of reintroducing gamers to this masterpiece. Players like the concept of exploring the world of this well-realized videogame as Geralt of Rivia, who is determined to locate Ciri and put an end to the Wild Hunt once and for all. Throughout the game, players may equip a variety of silver and steel swords to help him in his mission. This list has been updated to include even more of the greatest swords available to the titular Witcher on his quest.

1. The Belhaven Blade​

Geralt may possess a number of fantastic swords thanks to the game's two big expansions. Many people believe that Blood & Wine is preferable than the other. The Belhaven Blade is one of the craftable blades that players may create in this game after obtaining a schematic for it.

In order to make this blade, players will need two leather scraps, two enhanced dimeritium ingots, one acid extract, and one sapphire. Using Aard and delivering critical strikes with this weapon offers for a fantastic experience that fans will like.

2. Iris​

Iris is without a doubt one of the greatest swords in The Witcher 3 and may be earned at the conclusion of the Hearts of Stone questline if players choose to save Olgierd von Everec's soul. This incredible sword glows crimson during assaults, with select powerful blows striking critically while draining 15% of Geralt's vitality.

Even if the blade isn't charged, striking a powerful attack does double damage with each stroke. As a consequence, many gamers advise employing heavy blows while battling enemies with this sword, with mild attacks saved for faster enemies that may quickly evade the stronger varieties.

3. Gesheft​

The Gesheft is another blade featured in the Blood & Wine expansion that is a lot of fun to wield. It helps that this blade is obtained in one of the game's most memorable areas: the Land of a Thousand Fables.

To get this blade, players must follow a pixie light after defeating the Cloud Giant. Many people feel that the fact that Geralt kneels before a bonfire before obtaining this strong weapon is a nod to the Dark Souls series.

4. The Grandmaster Witcher Swords​

There are various Witcher sets in the game that players may locate and hunt down, including the blades. The Grandmaster sets are quite strong, and the swords are also rather enjoyable to wield.

Of course, forging these swords takes time, but the work is well worth it. When employing swords from the Viper, Manticore, Wolf, Bear, Cat, Griffin, or Viper schools, it is advised that players utilise the full set to reap the most rewards!

5. Harpy Relic Silver Sword​

The Harpy Relic Silver Sword is one of the most powerful weapons available to Witcher 3 players at a lower level. The sword is earned via crafting, and players must first collect the Harpy Diagram before they can begin working on the weapon.

After securing the diagram, players must collect 1x Leather Scraps, 2x Dimetrium Ingots, 1x Ruby, and 2x Monster Saliva. The sole disadvantage of the Harpy Relic Silver Sword is that players will have to wait a bit longer to wield it since the weapon needs a player to reach level 37.

6. Sword of Hen Gaidth Steel Sword​

Blood & Wine rears its magnificent head once again, demonstrating why the weapons in this expansion pack are so much fun to wield. It is a component of a very strong set that may be discovered during the What Lies Unseen quest.

After thoroughly inspecting the Unseen Elder's cave, players may loot this sword as well as the rest of the Hen Gaidth set. This Relic weapon easily pierces armour and has increased odds of landing a critical hit, stun enemies, and causing them to bleed.

7. Black Unicorn Relic Steel Sword​

In The Witcher 3, the Black Unicorn Relic Steel Sword is often considered as the greatest weapon for killing human enemies. The sword can only be used by players that are level 46 or above, and the crafting schematic for the Black Unicorn Relic Steel Sword can be discovered in Kaer Morhen.

The sword inflicts 340-440 damage against humans, has a +10% Aard sign intensity, a +10% chance to produce bleeding, and three runestone slots. Although the constructed version of the Black Unicorn Relic is excellent, the sword may also be obtained by looting a treasure box near the Inn at the Crossroads, which is superior to the made version.

8. Griffin Steel Sword - Mastercrafted​

The Griffin Steel Sword is part of the Griffin Witcher Gear, which is the player's initial set of weapons and armour in The Witcher 3. A simple sword schematic may be seen in The Velen Region.

Players may upgrade the Griffin Steel Sword and the rest of the gear to enhanced, superior, and mastercrafted versions since they are developed exclusively for Witchers. The Griffin Steel Sword does 87-107 damage and grants +5% Sign Intensity and Bonus XP from Humans and Nonhumans.

9. Aerondight​

Most senior Witcher 3 players see Aerondight as the Holy Grail of silver swords. Players should keep in mind that this weapon is only available with the Blood and Wine DLC. The Aerondight is one of The Witcher 3's most powerful swords.

The sword's damage rises by 10% every time the player attacks enemies with it. When fully charged, the sword always inflicts critical damage on enemies. Another advantageous aspect of the Aerondight is that if it is completely charged when the player makes the last strike, the damage is permanently increased. Complete the quest "There Can Only Be One" to earn the Aerondight.

10. Bloodsword​

The Bloodsword, like the Ursine and Feline Swords, concentrates on physical damage rather than using signs and delivers a considerable increase to critical hit chance and damage, bleed chance, and dismemberment chance.

The Bloodsword may be gained by completing two Scavenger Hunt tasks that reward players with a diagram. The first quest in Skellige is Inheritance, while the second in Velen is Battlefield Loot.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

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