10 Tips to Become a Hollow Knight Pro


Even the most experienced gamers of Hollow Knight may not be aware of some of these hints and secrets.

Most players will need dozens of hours to complete Hollow Knight since it's a game with rich lore. Fortunately, there's more Hollow Knight to be obtained beyond that moment, since completing the game probably won't be enough. The player has the option of either starting again to correct their errors from the first, unguided adventure, or taking on the game's more difficult challenges in the Hall of Gods or Pantheon.

Regardless, any serious player might benefit from learning some advanced strategies for fighting and games. Because some gamers may feel that there's still more to discover in the game even after putting in a hundred hours of playtime. These Team Cherry's Hollow Knight strategies may be useful in the Temple of the Gods, and they will undoubtedly aid newcomers.

1. Keep Your Distance and Minimise Attacks​

Players may need some time to adjust to the fact that the majority of battle situations in the game are contradictory to the strategy of slamming strikes. Patience and observation are more important than overwhelming force in Hollow Knight and its environment.

Patience is much more crucial during boss bouts. Because running into some of them might cause injury to the athlete. Thus, it is more efficient and less risky to respond to the enemy's moves rather than anticipate them. Generally speaking, boss confrontations should be approached as long-term challenges. Muscle memory will take over in a short while.

2. Nail's Distance Is Greater Than It Appears​

If players are going to assault, they should do it from farther away than the Nail suggests. Many rookie players make the fatal error of embracing their opponents in the midst of assaults because of the Nail's deceptively short length. Nail attacks reveal a small portion of its range, which is noticeably more than the model's length when it is not in use.

After an assault, players may practise keeping a safe distance by taking a few steps back or in the other direction. The purpose of this is to prevent them from over-committing to their assaults and accidentally running into the adversary. It may take some time to adjust, but in the end, it will be beneficial.

3. Bounce of the Spike Trick​

Some players may have stumbled into this Nail technique earlier, often in a state of panic before crashing into some spikes. Due to the fact that players may avoid being hurt by spikes if they slice downward before making contact with them.

This counts as a second leap, and players may use a move to help them get to safety even faster. To avoid danger, players may use the Nail like a pogo stick and bounce over spikes. It's a handy technique to have when attempting complex platforming.

4. Superiority of the Quick Cast​

In addition to being a useful life-saving manoeuvre in battle, Quick Cast is much more refined in Hollow Knight. This is one of two spellcasting methods; the other is the Focus Cast, which this roguelike game interprets as a directional input. For most situations, the game will hold off on determining whether or not the Focus Cast was intended for healing until after the player decides to hold the button down.

On the other hand, the Quick Cast does not have a complementary "hold" feature for healing. Therefore, it will immediately perform the spell, saving players precious seconds. Therefore, casting spells and using abilities is safer. When using a controller, the Quick Cast is often assigned to the R1 button, and when using a keyboard, it is typically assigned to the "E" button.

5. Bench Your Fast Travel​

In Hollow Knight, benches serve as respawn locations, although they have other uses as well. It's possible to utilise them as a pseudo-fast travel option, since returning to the title screen and playing the game again would respawn the player where the last bench they used.

Fast travel is even more practical if the bench is located far away. Strategistically, this may be used to cut down on or even get rid of any retracing that would otherwise be required. If not, it's a practical choice for when players are trapped within a building and need to escape.

6. Preserve Geo​

While we're on the subject of improvised comforts, a Geo bank or storage would have made things much too simple. This is why it was decided to leave it out of the game. However, there is a benevolent trader in the City of Tears who goes by the name of Relic Seeker Lemm who is willing to purchase items from the players.

An Arcane Egg may cost him up to 1200 Geo. Since players' true Geo is in the products they may sell to Lemm, they need not worry about hoarding Geo on the standard Geo counter and can instead freely spend or fritter away their Geo.

7. Desolate Dive's Descending Dark upgrade​

We return you to the arts of battle. It's a matter of survival this time. Players have access to a second ability that allows them to i-frame through damage in addition to the Shadow Dash. That's the Descending Dark version of the Desolate Dive.

For the duration of the spell's cast time, players are immune to harm. While this may not seem like much, it is sufficient as a last-ditch effort against particularly destructive boss moves. When used in tandem with Shadow Dash, this strategy has shown to be effective in helping players escape potentially dangerous situations.

8. Apply Dream Nail on Staggered Bosses​

Dream Nail is typically overlooked by players because of its low damage, although it may be useful in certain situations, such as boss encounters. You may restore your Souls using this, which is sufficient for casting a single healing or spell. Although the payoff is rather low, this ability should be used anytime the boss or a particularly formidable adversary is stunned or staggered, since it is risky to execute for such a state.

It's preferable to merely hitting, especially if the battle will go longer once the monster recovers from the stun. The Dream Nail may be upgraded to restore even more Souls, extending the Knight's endurance in extended battles.

9. The Effective Use of Cyclone Slash​

Cyclone Slash, another Nail ability that suffers from poor mobility, is often overlooked. However, it is designed to be utilised as a huge move or burst damage when the boss or a very difficult adversary is not actively fighting.

The reason for this is because the spin time of the Cyclone Slash animation may be increased by repeatedly pressing the attack button during the animation. Players will be thrilled to find they can use this while floating in the air since it does enormous damage (perhaps the highest in the game). So, it's helpful to become used to quickly switching into and out of Cyclone Slash in the heat of battle.

10. The Options Available To A Boss Are Limited​

Even though the bosses in Hollow Knight are the most terrifying encounters, they are not as complex or bloody as the ones in Dark Souls or Elden Ring. Unlike the aforementioned Souls games, they don't have a wide variety of moves at their disposal, and they don't hide much.

Most game monsters have just three to five moves, making them simple to learn and memorise. Players only need to wait for the boss to show their hand and then plot their counterattacks appropriately.

Hollow Knight is available on PC, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.

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