Can Arc 3.0 Re-Ignite the Flames of Destiny 2?


The Arc subclass has always been the favourite when it comes to Destiny fans, as it can turn your guardian into a thunder god. Unfortunately, it was the last sub-class to get a 3.0 upgrade and this was bothering the majority of players, who would have liked to get this long-awaited power a lot sooner. Nevertheless, the time has come, and Arc 3.0 is finally here. This means that it is now time for guardians to invest their in-game money in all the perks that will increase their guardian’s strength and that will give a boost to stats and abilities.

Destiny 2 – A Game in Serious Need of Fresh Contents​

It is no secret that Destiny 2 keeps hundreds of thousands of players busy for hours on a daily basis, but at the same time, it is also a game that can only survive if Bungie keeps expanding it with fresh contents. The community loses many of its players who turn to alternative gaming activities such as other console games or such as games of chance like mini roulette. This happens because the release period between DLCs or seasonal contents is extremely long. Destiny’s audience is in need of new fast-paced content on a regular basis and if Bungie does not manage to satisfy that demand, it will end up losing a lot of its players.

Arc 3.0 and Season of Plunder Will Give D2 a Small Boost​

Kick-starting the Season of Plunder activities and focusing on enhancing each character’s Arc 3.0 abilities will keep Destiny players busy for about a couple of months. The new exotics and the new ornaments will give players something to look forward to, but there will still be a period during which the activity will drop. After all, once every season reward has been collected, players start to look for other gaming alternatives. Nevertheless, Lightfall’s release is just around the corner and when the next expansion launches, it will act as a concentrated shot of kerosene, which will drive the gaming momentum to a whole new level.

In the meantime, players should focus all their efforts on developing their Arc build. These new abilities will make guardians unstoppable and if you fancy playing as a warlock, then you will definitely enjoy your new powers. Upgrading will take time and virtual currency, but all it takes for you to get your guardians where you want them to be is playing the game.


By the Time You Are Done with Arc, It Will be Time for Strand​

A new subclass is going to become available at the end of February 2023. Lightfall will give guardians the opportunity to use three new subclasses, as the newly discovered Strand class will turn Titans into dual wielding Tyrants, Hunters will turn into Threadrunners and Warlocks will turn into architects. The three new subclasses will make players feel as if they are controlling the Green Lantern, both because of the neon green colours of the fifth D2 power as well as because of the way these abilities will manifest when the player decides to use them.

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