10 Best Tips For Astronite Beginners


Beginners of the action game Astronite, which sends players on a voyage throughout the galaxy, should bear these points in mind.

Astronite is a space adventure action game. The planet Neplea is accessible to players who choose to disembark from their spacecraft. In this game, you take on the role of Astronite, a space pilot who must enter Neplea to confront the monsters that have invaded his planet.

A large number of foes and challenges await you in this 2D platformer. The people of Neplea and Astronite's home planet have been taken over by an evil Entity. The 1-bit Metroidvania game is difficult for beginners to complete. Power-ups are available throughout Astronite to help players defeat the level's monsters. Browse through these Astronite hints for newcomers.

1. Weapons Can Trigger Devices​

To begin, players may fire their way across the playing field. Astronite's starting pistol has the ability to pierce through solid barriers. To locate items on the map that may be destroyed, players can utilise the weapon. A few well-placed bullets may convert these pieces of the ecosystem to ash.

All Astronite has to do to complete a level is aim his rifle at the switches and triggers scattered throughout. Using their range, these weapons are able to activate switches and trigger other in-game events. If you're just starting off, try using the pistol to trigger all of the gadgets on a level so you can access the secret passages.

2. Limit Your Jetpack Use​

Each level in Astronite has a number of challenges that can only be overcome by activating the player's jetpack. To access most platforms, either leap to them or use the jetpack to fly. For a brief period of time, the jetpack may be used to boost the player vertically in any direction.

You won't be able to go very far in the air using the jetpack. Even with its limited usage, the jetpack may be used with other techniques to help you advance through Astronite's stages. In addition to using it to speed up their motions when dashing, players may use it to propel themselves ahead with a burst of force.

3. Avoid Restarting a Level If You Have Lost Your Lives​

Players unfamiliar with 2D platformers may find Astronite challenging. Players may save their game at various checkpoints in-between stages. A checkpoint may be made by simply walking up to a scanning machine in the heart of some dungeons.

At the outset of each game, ranked players are given three lives. In the dungeons, being struck by a bug or hit by a missile from another monster will result in instant death. After losing a few lives, many new players will return to a checkpoint to try again. For maximum efficiency, use up all three lives at once rather than restarting a level.

4. Increase the Breadth of Your Attacks Against Kronch​

The several enjoyable levels in this 1 bit Metroidvania game are a real treat. Players may demolish massive bosses by using their weapons and solving riddles. For the first time in Astronite, players may take on the boss Kronch early on.

It's the game's first "boss." Happy concrete lump Kronch seems to be able to smash Astronite. Avoid Kronch's smash assaults by darting from side to side. In the event that Kronch is shot at, he will unleash movable bits of concrete that will deflect the bullets. You may avoid receiving damage from the boss if you stay in the corner of the screen and fight from there.

5. Don't Swim in Abandoned Grattoes' Deep Water​

After beating Kronch, players will unlock the ability to swim across specific areas of the Abandoned Grattoes. After defeating the game's boss, Kronch, Astronite will be given a Shpirti Module with which to collect the Shpirtis that he needs to continue. Astronite players may use the collected Shpirtis to buy additional abilities for their characters. With the use of an Aquatic Module, players can remain submerged for longer.

Submerged items may be destroyed by using a player's weapon. There are multiple floors under the sea at the Abandoned Grattoes. These stages can be finished with a minimum amount of time spent underwater. Above Astronite, there will be a timer that counts down the amount of time he has left to stay underwater before he must return to the surface to complete the level.

6. Seek Out And Unlock Shanti Chests​

Throughout Astronite, there are a variety of collectibles to be found at various points in the game. In the depths of Neplea, players may open secret chests containing hundreds of Shpirtis.

Once you've activated all five devices in the Abandoned Grattoes, you'll have access to the first of these Shpirti chests. You'll find a Shpirti chest in the middle of the screen to the north of the crumbling pillars. Those fortunate enough to open the chest will get more than 300 Shpirtis.

7. Get More Shpirtis By Killing Your Enemies​

Most Astronite levels have dangerous enemies. When these animals have an opportunity, they will kill Astronite wherever in the dungeons they can. A new player may choose to avoid fighting the creatures at first. It could seem less difficult to complete stages if you just avoid fighting the creatures.

If players want to earn more Shpirtis, they may take their time and eliminate every enemy in a given level. Spiders and other crawling monsters are simple to dispatch. To get access to Shpirtis, people must kill the monsters that hang from the ceiling. By strolling among the white clouds in the sky, Astronite may also collect hundreds of Shpirtis.

8. You Can Teleport With Telephones​

Astronite's huge levels might be tough to traverse on foot. To go from one area of the game to another, you may utilise your phone's teleportation feature. These teleportation gadgets beep when they're ready to be utilised. The first usage of a teleportation gadget might cost the player 25 Sphritis.

In the area of the Underwater Caves, Astronite may find the very first teleportation gadget. When you leave the Underwater Caves entrance and turn right, you'll discover a ringing phone. Use the phone's features to instantly connect to Emud's flatlands.

9. Pay the Owner of Shpriti Shop a Visit​

Players may meet the mysterious Shpriti Shop Owner in the Plains of Emud. For the Shpriti Shop, Astronites need go south from the teleportation device and turn right. From the game's Shpriti Shop, players may get new enhancements and modules.

Membership Cards, which cost Astronite less Shpriti to use, make it easier to teleport between floors. 550 Sphritis are needed to activate the Membership Card. A map module that tracks where a player has been may be purchased for 250 Sphritis. It costs 450 Sphritis to purchase the Eyes of Tea upgrade, which displays information on the status of the player's foes.

10. To Do More Damage, Upgrade Your Weapon​

The weapon upgrade may be used to boost both the player's rate of fire and their weapon's range. Astronite's dungeons are crawling with tough foes that need more than one swing to kill. With the new weapon, dispatching adversaries and amassing Shpirtis faster and simpler than ever before.

As you prepare to enter the High Caverns level, you'll come upon the first weapon upgrade. It's protected by four blocks, but your pistol can take care of that. There are a wide variety of weapon perks to choose from. For 750 Shpirtis, you may purchase the weapon improvement from the Shpirti Shop.

Astronite is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Switch and PC.

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