1. Alex Wright

    News How to Get Modern Warfare 2 & Warzone 2 Free Gift Packs

    Here's how to get your hands on the free Gift Packs for Modern Warfare 2 (MW) and Warzone 2 from Activision. It's the most wonderful time of the year, and to prove it, Call of Duty is giving away a bunch of gift packs for free. It would be a shame to pass up these goodies in-game, whether...
  2. Alex Wright

    News God of War Ragnarok: How to Parry

    In God of War Ragnarok, many players will be familiar with the parrying mechanic. However, if you aren't diligent, you may miss it. Worry not if you have never parried before or are just getting started; we will teach you all you need to know. Avoiding harm while simultaneously creating...
  3. Alex Wright

    News 12 Tips for Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 Beginners

    If you want to win the royal battle in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, follow these guidelines. The new Al Mazrah map for Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 has been released. Battle royale victories aren't always easy to come by, but we've got twelve strategies to help you improve your odds of coming out on...
  4. Alex Wright

    News 8 Best Tips for Marvel's Midnight Suns Beginners

    In Marvel's Midnight Suns, XCOM's turn-based strategy is married to deck-building and the Marvel superhero universe. Your time away from fighting Lilith's armies should be spent bonding with your squad and funding improvements. Without worrying about losing troops in combat, there are several...
  5. Alex Wright

    News 10 Fortnite Tips for Your First Match

    The wildly successful free-to-play PC game Fortnite is the most recent game to cash in on the battle royale trend. Although the idea of Fortnite is well known, it stands out thanks to its unique construction mechanics and cartoon-style aesthetics. Being the last group, squad, or team standing...
  6. Alex Wright

    News Gaming Devices That Are Fun for the Whole Family

    Finding the best gaming devices that are fun for the whole family helps keep everyone entertained when you gather around a fire and sipping eggnog. Finding something for your entire family to enjoy can be a tall ask for many. Not everyone can appreciate PC gaming or anything more complicated...
  7. Alex Wright

    News The Best Games To Play in 2022

    The gaming world brings us so much news daily. It is really hard to focus on something. It is way harder to play all of the games. Everyone can find something special for themselves. If you enjoy gambling you can test your luck at Bet22 casino. If you enjoy shooters or MMORPGs, or strategies you...
  8. Alex Wright

    News The Most Interesting Quests In Famous Games

    Probably, the quality of any game can be determined by how interesting the quests are in it. Most duties rapidly become routine and wear out if they are limited to clear-cut, uncomplicated items. If there are complete stories concealed behind side tasks, they stick in the mind for a very long...
  9. Melissa Adams

    News 8 Top Artifact Mods in Destiny 2 Season 17

    Destiny 2 Season 17, or Season of the Haunted, players may level a pretty disturbing and terrifying artifact. Many of the changes this time are based on Solar 3.0, Bungie's most recent subclass to receive the Stasis fragment and aspect treatment. While the season is still in its early stages...
  10. Melissa Adams

    News 10 Beginner Tips for Nobody Saves The World

    Nobody Saves The World is the most recent indie RPG to make waves in the gaming industry. Nobody Saves The World is an unique and irreverent twist on the RPG format from Drinkbox Studios (the creators of the Guacamelee series), and it's a deserving addition to the Xbox Game Pass selection for...
  11. Melissa Adams

    News 10 Beginner Tips for God of War

    Kratos will become a genuine warrior god to be feared and admired, and Atreus will become an arrow-slinging master marksman, thanks to a strong collection of crucial God of War recommendations. With a variety of bosses, brigands, monsters, mazes, riches, and traps to discover, as well as a...
  12. Melissa Adams

    News How to Change Weapons in Apex Legends

    The first time someone plays Apex Legends, they will be presented with a lengthy yet informative tutorial on the game's fundamental basics. After that, players should become comfortable with the control scheme, particularly the basic features such as changing weapons. However, there may be some...
  13. Melissa Adams

    News How to Mine Effectively in Minecraft

    Minecraft has been a huge part of the gaming community since its inception, amassing legions of fans all across the world. Mojang has continued to improve the game and add new content each year, making it a favourite among newcomers and veterans alike. There isn't a day that passes by when users...
  14. Melissa Adams

    News 8 Beginner Tips for Salt and Sacrifice

    Ska Studios' latest Metroidvania-RPG Salt and Sacrifice, like many of the Souls-like genre that makes up half of its DNA, can be a touch intimidating for players looking for their first mage. Sacrifice's menus are purposely (and often painfully) opaque, there's no mapping system, and characters...
  15. Melissa Adams

    News 5 Characters Who Use Sacrificial in Genshin Impact

    One of the best weapon series in Genshin Impact is the Sacrificial weapon. It is available in Sword, Claymore, Bow, and Catalyst forms. If they damage an enemy, they all have an effect that can reset a character's Elemental Skill cooldown. The Catalyst is the only Sacrificial weapon that does...
  16. Melissa Adams

    News 5 Beginner Tips for 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

    13 Sentinels Aegis Rim became Vanillaware's biggest hit as one of the finest games of 2020. Now that it has been converted to Nintendo Switch in 2022, the visual novel/JRPG combination has a new chance to reach a wider audience with a release that isn't restricted by pandemic lockdowns...
  17. Melissa Adams

    News 8 Best Shields in Elden Ring

    Gamers all over the world feel Elden Ring is already GOTY material, even if there is still more content to come, such as the suspected DLC that some players have discovered evidence of. Even if the stories are false, gamers will find plenty of tunnels to explore, ruins to plunder, and evil...
  18. Melissa Adams

    News 5 Best Caves in Elden Ring

    If players don't want to go into the harsh Legacy Dungeons yet, there are plenty of detours in Elden Ring's Lands Between. While caves are small and dark, they include a variety of interesting adversaries, objects, and even shortcuts for players. Many of them can be found throughout the Lands...
  19. Melissa Adams

    News 5 Best Catacombs in Elden Ring

    Catacombs are intended to be places of rest for the dead, but given how active and plentiful they are in Elden Ring, they could just as well be bazaars. They're full of foes who are still alive and well, as well as prizes that can change the game. The catacombs in Elden Ring, on the other hand...
  20. Melissa Adams

    News 6 Best Characters in Soulcalibur 6

    For nearly twenty-five years, Soulcalibur has stood alongside titles like Street Fighter and Tekken as a veteran pillar in the fighting game community. Soulcalibur, a superb 3D fighter in its own right, has created expert-level action with breathtaking graphics since its Dreamcast debut. The...
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