10 Beginner Tips for Nobody Saves The World


Nobody Saves The World is the most recent indie RPG to make waves in the gaming industry. Nobody Saves The World is an unique and irreverent twist on the RPG format from Drinkbox Studios (the creators of the Guacamelee series), and it's a deserving addition to the Xbox Game Pass selection for January.

Nobody Saves The World has all it takes to be a smash, from its wacky characters to its eye-catching graphic style to its inventive gameplay. However, the game has a surprising lot of depth, and that depth comes with increased complexity, which can make it tough to know what to do when you first start playing. Here are some helpful hints for individuals who are just getting started in Nobody Saves The World.

1. Be On The Lookout For Fairies​

Nobody Saves the World has a lot of things to look out for. Players will be fully swamped by opponents in some of the later dungeons, turning the game into something more close to Bullet Hell than anything else. As a result, finding every small hidden object hiding in the corners of the game might be challenging, but players should keep a look out for particular things and animals along their trip.

Fairies are a good illustration of this. These mysterious creatures are crucial for gamers who want to get the most out of their Nobody Saves the World quest. Each Fairy will permanently enhance a player's mana metre, allowing them to spam more skills and making it easier to pass through the more difficult dungeons in each location.

2. Mana Can Be Restored By Objects​

Mana is a valuable resource in Nobody Saves The World, as it fuels nearly all of the game's abilities. However, mana is limited, and if players aren't careful, they may run out. Fortunately, each class has a basic attack that restores a proportional quantity of mana with each hit, which may frequently be increased using skill tokens.

However, many players may be unaware that removing random things in the environment might also replenish mana. Because basic strikes don't distinguish between monsters and barrels, players should feel free to smash everything they come across. Horse Power, for example, is a passive perk that increases the amount of mana restored by breaking breakable things.

3. Unlock New Forms​

The ability to unlock new forms is one of the most enjoyable and unique aspects of Nobody Saves The World. Each form has its own set of unique attacks and passive benefits that drastically change the game's dynamics. It takes some effort to unlock each one, but it's a worthwhile investment to have the entire roster.

It's tempting to stick with a tried-and-true form, but it's not worth it because the game locks progress on them behind key plot milestones. Having a large number of forms allows players to access a larger number of skills as well as a larger number of form quests that can help them level up faster. There are also a few side tasks that may only be accomplished if particular forms have been unlocked.

4. Each Form Has Its Perks​

Players will be able to modify their forms with any other perk or attack at a particular time early in the game. This enables for in-depth construct creation to meet just about any obstacle the game may throw at you, and it opens up the game's combat in some spectacular ways. Players may personalise their forms in a variety of ways, such as stacking damage bonuses or bolstering a form's protection with several passive benefits.

And this personalization is necessary since the dungeons only grow more difficult from there. Reduced mana regeneration, exploding enemy corpses, and crazy damage multipliers are among the new elements that will push players to think carefully about the form and abilities they use to overcome each barrier.

5. Keep Switching Forms​

The eponymous character's capacity to change into a number of magical forms, each with its unique set of talents and abilities, is the game's fundamental gameplay element. Players will only have access to one form at initially, the Rat, but as they play more, other forms will become available.

It's a good idea to transition between these forms as often as possible to get the most out of the game and collect Stars to unlock the main dungeons. Each quest completed adds experience to the player's overall level, reducing the need for dedicated grinding time later on. When the customization function is enabled later in the game's tale, having many forms at a high level comes in useful.

6. Break The Wards On All Foes​

Warded foes are some of the most powerful enemies to defeat in Nobody Saves The World, especially when they're joined with others who are protected by a different form of ward. Prioritizing breaking the wards on all foes before attempting to take down the group is always the wisest strategy. There's also an enemy creature that can repair wards, and it's always best to eliminate him first.

If employed correctly, nearly every attack in Nobody Saves The World may hit many foes at once, but they will have no impact if any adversary has a ward up. Make a note of which ward kinds are present in a dungeon by looking over the map first, and then create a custom form that can easily deal with each of those wards. To balance out mana costs, it's also a good idea to choose a form with a ward-breaking standard attack.

7. Take On The Unlimited Quests​

Nobody Saves The World has a range of mission categories, ranging from side quests to form quests to plot quests. Before departing for good, each mission provides a specific amount of experience. Despite the fact that these tasks are at the heart of NSTW, their one-time nature and difficult requirements make them less reliable for raising the player's overall level. This is why it's critical for players to purchase the Infinite Quests as soon as possible.

Unlimited Missions, which are quests with basic requirements that may be completed an infinite number of times, will be sold by a merchant woman who can be found all around the globe on a regular basis. They become increasingly difficult with each completion, but they're the most constant source of experience in the game, especially considering that each consecutive tier awards more experience.

8. Forms Have Different Uses​

Each form in Nobody Saves The World has so much variation that it's easy to overlook some aspects of them. The game begins by demonstrating how the Rat can crawl through tunnels, but other forms have specialised applications as well.

The capacity to move through water, which the Turtle, Mermaid, Ghost, and Dragon forms all have, is the most prominent of them. In reality, while in water, the Mermaid and Turtle forms move substantially quicker, which players may take advantage of. Certain side missions, such as one that requires players to solve a series of riddles using the forms as solutions, also need particularly specific form combinations to accomplish.

9. Upgrade Wisely​

Nobody Saves The World has so many possible builds that deciding which skills to improve first might be tough. Improve coins are scarce, and certain skills need many coins to upgrade a single tier. While all of the ability improvements are beneficial to the player, some are more important than others.

Upgrades that minimise the cost of mana, such as those for the Ranger's Arrow Flurry, are always an excellent choice, especially if the player uses the ability frequently. Increasing power, such as the Bodybuilder's Strongman passive perk, is another viable upgrade option. It's also a good idea to keep upgrading the Egg's Incubate ability as often as possible, as it's the game's most reliable source of healing. The majority of basic attack improvements also enhance the amount of mana they create, making them the greatest of all upgrades.

10. Complete The Form Quests​

Nobody Saves The World's Form Quests are perhaps the most significant quests in the game, since they are the only way to level up and unlock the full power of each distinct form. These missions begin with basic instructions such as defeating a specific number of foes with an ability or inflicting a status condition a particular number of times.

These tasks grow more challenging as the form levels up, and players will need to pay great attention to their objectives. Many of these tasks, known as Custom Quests, need the usage of certain skills from various forms, thus it's important to read the quest description carefully before proceeding.

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