8 Top Artifact Mods in Destiny 2 Season 17


Destiny 2 Season 17, or Season of the Haunted, players may level a pretty disturbing and terrifying artifact. Many of the changes this time are based on Solar 3.0, Bungie's most recent subclass to receive the Stasis fragment and aspect treatment.

While the season is still in its early stages, there are a few noteworthy modifications that have already emerged. These modifications will assist players improve any Solar builds they have planned, and will undoubtedly aid them in at least mid-difficulty PVE activities. The finest artifact modifications in Destiny 2 Season 17 are listed below.

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1. Shotgun Dexterity​

This mod is a must-have for serious PVP gamers. Shotgun gaming is still quite viable in PVP, and many seasoned Destiny players still prefer it. As a result, having an artifact mod that only costs one energy is enormous.

Shotguns have recently been employed in PVE, particularly in the new Duality dungeon, where the majority of monster fights take place right in front of the player's eyes. This mod, however, will appeal to those who are playing Trials of Osiris and the new Iron Banner this season.

2. Overload Trace Rifles​

Overload Champions will feature the same first column stun mod as last season, which is Overload Auto Rifles and SMGs, which is one of the greatest disappointments in Season 17's artifact modifications. Last season, these were a little hit-or-miss, which is why so many gamers loathed the mod.

Fortunately, the alternative choice isn't all that horrible, especially now that players have two Legendary trace rifle options to choose from. On paper, the Overload Trace Rifle appears to be the best mod to use for those pesky Lost Sectors and even some GMs, since it provides more constant and precise damage without bullet dispersion.

3. Armor Of The Dying Star​

Bungie released a really amazing armour mod for both Arc and Solar resistance last season. This season, the Artifact has received the same same update, but with Solar and Void instead. It's difficult to go wrong with a mod like this, particularly when it comes to PVE.

Players may simply stack two of these upgrades on their chest piece to ensure that they are fully protected when engaging in end-game activities that include Solar and Void burns. It's a terrific mod that Bungie should keep bringing out and cycling over the seasons.

4. Pulse Rifle Targeting​

Another love letter to PVP gamers, this is a must-read for everyone who favours pulse rifles to shotguns and hand cannons in PVP. This aiming mod is a lot less expensive, and it will make hitting targets in the Crucible a lot simpler.

While it can be a good bonus PVE mod if players don't have anything else, this mod will most likely be used in PVP lobbies, such as Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner.

5. Solar Fulmination​

This season's key buzzwords for Solar 3.0 are scorch and ignite, thus any mods that deal with those characteristics are always appreciated in a build. The Solar Fulmination mod will substantially increase the efficacy of any ability and fragment ignition effects.

Ignitions will now not only deal more damage, but they will also have a larger radius. Ignitions are basically explosions, similar to Volatile from Void 3.0 last season, so it'll be fascinating to see how well this mod does in PVE.

6. Classy Restoration​

Now for the juicy PVE details that will determine the season's overall meta. The first is Classy Restoration, which promises a lot of sustain when players utilise their class skills in a game. This will cause restoration, which will eventually heal them.

Sustain modifications like these will likely become a good, staple component to any PVE build, given that many of Destiny 2's newest activities have quite a high opponent density. When combined with additional modifications that fast charge up class skills, the player becomes a near-impenetrable tank.

7. Rays Of Precision​

It's time to restart the engine. Because of what it can achieve when paired with some of the previous modifications listed as well as the new Solar 3.0 features and pieces, this mod is without a doubt the most exciting one this season.

With this mod, players' Solar weapon final strikes will burn enemies anytime they have the Radiant damage bonus. Combine this with Solar Fulmination, which increases ignite damage and radius, and let the pandemonium begin. In PVE, these two modifications, as well as the ability to pick up Orbs of Power to become radiant, will be highly useful.

8. Radiant Orbs​

In Destiny 2, the Radiant Orbs mod will provide some good news to those who have been missing the Orbs of Power modifications and builds from Season 15. This mod alone may make it worthwhile to recreate Orbs of Power with mods such as Harmonic and Kinetic Siphon.

When players pick up Orbs of Power with this mod, they will become Radiant. In PVE, the Radiant buff boosts damage output by 25%, while in PVP, it improves damage output by 10%. This is significant, especially when combined with additional damage enhancements or debuffing the adversary.

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