10 Fortnite Tips for Your First Match


The wildly successful free-to-play PC game Fortnite is the most recent game to cash in on the battle royale trend.

Although the idea of Fortnite is well known, it stands out thanks to its unique construction mechanics and cartoon-style aesthetics. Being the last group, squad, or team standing after a round is your objective. Naturally, that's easier said than done because there are 99 other players in every game who have the same objective. Even though there are far fewer opposing fighters in the four-person Squad or 50 versus. 50 team modes, you still face off against your teammates for the highest score.

The greatest strategy to enhance your Fortnite performance is to spend a few hours playing and learning the game. Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is more difficult to play than Fortnite, and you'll probably do better if you don't have as much expertise. However, there is no harm in being familiar with certain fundamental mechanics and tactics first. Although we can't promise that following these suggestions will help you win, doing so will increase your chances. After all, in these kinds of games, a lot of the results are determined by luck.

Please feel free to comment below if you know of any winning strategies that are kept hidden. We like hearing from our readers.

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1. Continue following the game​

It's helpful to keep watching the game after you are eliminated if you're new to Fortnite. The game immediately turns to the viewpoint of the person who murdered you when you die. And when that player passes away, the viewpoint switches to the next murderer. Up to the conclusion of each game, you may switch players. It's tempting to start a new game as soon as you die, but the more time you invest in learning how to play Fortnite properly, the longer you will end up playing the game. Furthermore, if you quit a game early, particularly in squad- or team-based modes, there is no way to find out how your teammates did. A little moral assistance may be quite helpful. Anytime you want a quick overview of the game or to find your teammates, look at the map.

Staying with a match has the advantage of making you stop and consider the events that contributed to your demise. It's a good idea to adjust your approach in Fortnite if you see a pattern in how you keep dying. For instance, I made a couple imprudent forays into the open, which gave me a convenient target for the opposition. Even if you feel alone, you should use extreme caution while travelling between locations of cover. It's also a good idea to start exploring for supplies and weaponry in a different location if you spot someone else land on top of or close to a structure. Avert conflict until it is absolutely essential.

You may see how people with progressively higher skill levels play the game if you stay around until the conclusion, which is another benefit. While many gamers would genuinely simply wander about aimlessly in an effort to avoid being discovered, others truly apply effective methods. For instance, I saw the potential of Fortnite's building mechanism after losing early in one of my first matches. The guy I was following constantly created walls around himself, both for defence and to have a better view. Other times, he built larger-scale strongholds on top of already-existing structures and buildings. This tactic is often used in team-based games as well; by the conclusion of the match, the map is covered with beautiful buildings, some of which soar to great heights.

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2. Collect and build​

One of the best features of Fortnite is its building system. Axes (or other tools of a similar kind) are carried into combat by each player, who utilises them to down trees and gather items. The majority of the landscape may be destroyed, and it is quite enjoyable to chop down anything, including buildings, cars, trees, and rocks. It's nice that you never run out of energy when scavenging and that the game adds the materials to your inventory as soon as you break them down. It's a really efficient and rapid method. I really like the sound design; as you approach closer to destroying an item, you hear an ever-higher-pitched tone with each axe stroke.

Wood, bricks, and metal are the three basic building blocks of all objects. The five construction item slots you have available are a fence, square floor, pyramid, bonfire, and stairs. You can make something out of any of the materials (with the exception of the campfire). The strongest substance is metal, which is subsequently followed by brick and wood.

Remember that building takes longer the stronger the material. So, if you find yourself in a precarious situation and want quick shelter, erecting wooden barriers is your best option. It's surprisingly easy to put up a structure or temporary shelter. If you need to add a window or door, it's simple to modify individual components and everything fits together smoothly. If you unintentionally begin construction in the incorrect place, you may also destroy or relocate obstacles.

One of the keys to progressing far in a match is construction. You may first construct ramps and stairs to get access to places you couldn't previously. This mechanism enables you to access items such as weapons or health packs that are located on top of roofs. You can quickly construct a refuge if you are being attacked and attempt to withstand the danger. Later in the game, you may set up a lookout station to keep an eye out for enemy movements. Construction is considerably more crucial in team modes. Creating enormous, safe shelters will significantly boost your probability of surviving if you are competent enough to reach the map's centre with the majority of your crew still there.

But everything you build may be destroyed by warriors using any weapon, just like the rest of the world. When a player launches a rocket or tosses a grenade at your base, be careful since either action might bring everything crashing down.

3. Discover several weapons​

The shooting and fighting aspects in Fortnite are hit-or-miss, let's face it. As in, whether you hit or miss your target depends on chance. However, if you don't have any weapons, your chances of surviving a fight are significantly worse. Finding at least one gun should be your first goal after you arrive. With your axe, you can fend off other players, although the damage is little.

I also advise acquiring as many weapons as you can (your character has five item slots). It gives you a variety of alternatives for attacks when you come across another player, first and foremost. For instance, a shotgun is much more efficient at close quarters than a sniper rifle. Additionally, as it is hard to strike targets in the game, you are probably going to run out of ammunition soon. When you can swap to an other weapon just as quickly, why look for additional bullets? Additionally, even if you choose to carry a second gun but decide not to use it, your adversary will still not have access to that weapon.

Keep up with the most recent Fortnite development updates. On occasion, brand-new weapons are included in the game, like the new heavy shotgun. If a different player launches a strange weapon in your general direction, you don't want to be caught off guard since any hesitation might lead to your demise. Utilizing a new weapon is the greatest way to get comfortable with it. As you loot, take any new, terrifying equipment and test its potency on unsuspecting trees and buildings.

Make careful to collect all of the dropped items if you manage to kill another player. You shouldn't be reluctant to pick a more effective weapon or a vital health pack. However, if you think about which objects to gather for too long, you make yourself an obvious target for anybody else around. The person who kills you then receives twice the treasure. Don't make your adversaries' lives too simple.

4. Watch out for the storm​

Fortnite's speed is governed by an ever-shrinking play area, similar to PUBG. In Fortnite, you must stay within the storm's eye to avoid taking damage.

This region shrinks at certain intervals, so you must make every effort to remain inside it. It is hard to escape if you become trapped behind the wall since it travels so swiftly. It is possible to make it back if you run from one downed player to the next while repeatedly taking their health packs, but I was not that fortunate. Every time I dropped behind the pace, I was unable to catch up since I was unable to locate any supplies close by. Another time, I became stuck at the bottom of a cavern and was unable to move toward safety.

While keeping within the playable area is important, timing your entrance might sometimes involve some strategy. For instance, if you are racing for your life to get to the storm's core, you are a convenient target. If the storm itself lowers your health levels, other players may be able to find and kill you with ease. Instead, schedule your arrival at the barrier for just before it shuts. When you're secure inside, you may choose a spot with a favourable view point and repay the favour.

5. Avoid looking down​

Try to avoid falling from large heights in Fortnite, and don't leap to your death either since fall damage exists there. The island's perimeter is unrestricted by the game, so if you aren't cautious, you might tumble over the edge. I had to try this at least once, and sure enough, the game allowed me to jump from a cliff's edge. Please be free to independently verify this if you must.

Regardless, the buildings you construct certainly represent a far bigger danger since they allow you to quickly reach incredible heights. Once you unintentionally go over the edge, it's all fun and games. I attempted to climb a flight of steps before I had completed constructing them at least twice, and both times I perished. Additionally, other players have the ability to demolish any component of your buildings, leaving you open to incoming fire or even causing you to fall to the ground. Always be sure to strengthen your shelters or, at the very least, have a backup plan in case your base gives way.

Death is also likely to result from being knocked unconscious, whether by another player or by being beyond the storm's eye. You drop to your knees and can only stutter-crawl your way forward. You cannot build a barrier or utilise your weapons. By good chance, I crawled beneath the steps and avoided an armed foe who had just knocked me unconscious. Thankfully, a colleague intervened and got rid of my tormentor before he discovered where I was hiding. I wouldn't, however, take that risk once again.

6. Learn about the mobile controls​

The beta for Fortnite is now accessible on iOS and Android. For the purpose of performance and the form factor, like with every mobile version, Epic Games made several adjustments since the dispute, some of which have an impact on gameplay.

Without a keyboard or joystick, for instance, controlling your character is more challenging. The touch controls are good, but more complicated mechanics like building may be tiresome. To avoid getting stuck fumbling with the controls in crucial situations, at the very least, be sure to study the instructional screens thoroughly.

Additionally, Fortnite's mobile version struggles on smaller screens. Despite the higher pixel density of phones and tablets, textures seem drab and objects have obvious detail deficiencies. Only little improvement is made by modifying the graphics settings in the preferences menu. A reduced screen size also has the drawback of making in-game menus considerably more difficult to read and use.

7. Locate a vehicle​

Fortnite's vehicles are equally bizarre, in line with its off-kilter, imaginative aesthetic. Consider the dependable shopping cart, which was the first vehicle Epic Games included in the game. Two persons may sit comfortably within this brilliant metal contraption, one in command of mobility and the other in charge of defence. But the shopping carts aren't unbeatable. Your delightful journey comes to an end if you land too forcefully. You risk being shot down as you glide past enemy players.

All Terrain Karts (ATKs) were recently dispersed over the landscape in Fortnite. The whole team may ride together in these bigger vehicles, which can accommodate up to four players. Despite this, you must continue to exercise caution since the ATK's frail physique makes you vulnerable to hostile warriors. Axes or gunfire may easily destroy ATKs, much like the majority of other in-game items.

But there are many valid reasons to take the risk of operating a vehicle. The shopping cart and the ATX are both quicker (and more enjoyable) than running. When you need to get away from danger, keep up with the speed of the approaching storm, or move swiftly between locations to gather resources between stages, this improved moving speed might be useful.

8. Assemble your teammates​

Like other multiplayer games, Fortnite is more enjoyable when played with colleagues or friends. Being up against 99 other players throughout each play session makes it tough to remain motivated since you will probably lose a lot of games early. Instead, try out one of Fortnite's other multiplayer game types, like duo or squads. You may add a buddy to the Duo mode or the game will randomly match you with another player. Each group of players in the Squads mode may include up to four members. You may also pair up with random individuals in Fortnite, but it's obvious that finding excellent friends is difficult.

Check out Teams of20, 50 vs.50, and any additional game types that Fortnite may release. Your initial priority in these large team-based fights should be to locate other members of your squad. The greater the number of people keeping an eye on you, the greater your probability of surviving. Making the mistake of charging head-on into a pack of adversaries is a certain way to perish, so be sure any gathering you approach is genuinely on your side.

Building in team-based scenarios is also more chaotic since you and your allies may quickly construct enormous defensive shelters. Even the largest in-game constructions may be easily disassembled and its materials collected by a large number of players.

Make sure that all of your colleagues' gadgets are cross-play compatible before your team devises a certain winning plan.

9. Playground mode will give you a break​

You and your pals may explore the world of Fortnite in the new Playground mode without being concerned about other players. Fortnite often releases updates that introduce new places to explore. For instance, the tranquil Lazy Links golf course, the historic Viking Outpost, and the new Dirt Race Track are now accessible. You should take advantage of this sandbox game style to get familiar with the most current vehicle additions.

But this mode delivers more than that. Additionally, players may look for and try out new weaponry, experiment with different building methods, and mark the best beginning locations for each round. The possibilities are really limitless, and the flexibility gives Twitch broadcasters a tonne of creative options—for better or worse. But be careful not to go too far, particularly if you are playing alone. Without other players, the landscape might seem dead and lonely.

Fortnite is a visually appealing game with a bold colour scheme and wildly different landscapes and landmarks, if nothing else. With that in mind, you might, if you so choose, think of Playground mode as a walking simulator or wallpaper creation game. Expecting outcomes that are as lovely as those in No Man's Sky is unrealistic, particularly after the No Man's Sky Next upgrade.

10. Avoid wasting money​

Unapologetically embracing both the positive and negative sides of free-to-play games, Fortnite. On the one hand, Fortnite, the game with the highest Twitch viewership, is free to play thanks to Epic Games. Your character's talents and abilities may be upgraded for free; purchased things are just decorative. Your luck and, to a lesser degree, your talents determine how far you go in a game.

The existence of microtransactions is the negative side of the free-to-play equation. Free-to-play games with buyable things often raise less controversy, despite the fact that many players properly questioned the introduction of games like Star Wars Battlefront II for its rash pay methods. Regardless matter how much I spent for the game, I still detest the concept of microtransactions. The V-Bucks money structure in Fortnite doesn't help either since the way the price levels are set up nearly always results in you paying for more credits than you really need for any given item. I argue that it is crazy to spend real money on virtual cosmetics in a game that is free to play. I'm not, however, Fortnite's intended market.

I advise you to take some time to reflect on your choice before committing any money. Also be aware that no matter what gear or equipment you buy in Fortnite, you won't suddenly become a better player. Instead, if you leave a round early, you will merely seem even more silly. You won't get any of the money you spent on such frivolities back when the Fortnite craze passes.

It should go without saying for parents that paying a Fortnite coach to work with their kid is a waste of money. I really believed I could no longer be startled by absurd Fortnite news, yet here we are. Before the end of the year, I absolutely anticipate seeing a live-action Netflix series.

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