6 Best Characters in Soulcalibur 6


For nearly twenty-five years, Soulcalibur has stood alongside titles like Street Fighter and Tekken as a veteran pillar in the fighting game community. Soulcalibur, a superb 3D fighter in its own right, has created expert-level action with breathtaking graphics since its Dreamcast debut.

The free PS Plus titles were recently revealed, and Soulcalibur 6, the latest instalment in the series, is one of them. With so many new players swarming to their download queues, players may feel a little bewildered by the large number of characters accessible. Here are some of the best characters to play, especially for beginners.

1. Nightmare​

Nightmare is a Soulcalibur original who has been the series' main antagonist since its inception. Nightmare is an expert at close-range combat, with a devastating moveset.

While Nightmare may be slower than other characters, his ability to use movement and special moves to power through opponents' strikes makes him a more than viable danger. Some of Nightmare's strikes have special qualities that grant him extraordinary armour and greater damage while suffering damage.

2. Kilik​

Kilik is a fundamental and straightforward character with a lot of range and broad arcing strikes, making him the ideal character for beginner players. Kilik excels at confusing opponents and taking advantage of slow attacks.

Kilik has undergone numerous alterations in Soulcalibur 6, yet he still maintains his rapid and loose playstyle, which gives him an advantage over most opponents. Furthermore, numerous moves are hidden behind the game's new "Soul Charge" mode, which players must complete in order to increase the character's moveset.

3. Astaroth​

Astaroth is a relatively simple character to pick up and play, with a potent arsenal of special attacks that make opponents think twice about charging in. Astaroth is a massive fighter with a long-range moveset and a succession of grappling abilities that devastate opponents' health bars.

Most of Astaroth's actions, notably his grapple skills, are slow to begin and easy to predict. When confronted with speedier opponents like Kilik or Talim, the character has a short list of abilities to balance the strain.

4. Maxi​

Maxi is a safe and intimidating character that inexperienced players can use to practise battle and attack speed against opponents. Maxi employs nun-chucks and quick moves that are difficult to counter.

Maxi's speed and combo linkages make it simple to overwhelm opponents with moves that appear out of nowhere and set up an easy guard crush situation that leaves enormous gaps in the opponent's defence. New players should be aware, however, that gimmicks like deflects and super armour can work against multi-hit combos in Soulcalibur.

5. Groh​

Groh is a new character in the Soulcalibur series, having debuted in the fifth episode. Groh is a capable mid-range fighter who moves faster than the majority of the other characters on the roster. Groh has a steep learning curve and lacks the longer combinations of Seigfried or Killik, but he excels at controlling the tempo and spacing of bouts.

Groh's speed is a plus, but he struggles with punishment and guard breaking. Furthermore, Groh's recovery time after a missed move can be damaging to his survivability, thus players should be cautious about which moves they employ and when.

6. Xingqhua​

Xingqhua is also a new character to the Soulcalibur roster, featuring a comprehensive moveset and close proximity combos. Xingqua's normals are rapid, but they lack range for characters with strange hitboxes. She excels at fighting as close to her opponent as possible, throwing quick attacks and feints while switching stances quickly.

She also succeeds at catching her opponent off guard when it comes to punishment opportunities. Xingqhua has a lot of potential and doesn't require a lot of effort to use effectively, which makes her ideal for new characters.

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