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Probably, the quality of any game can be determined by how interesting the quests are in it. Most duties rapidly become routine and wear out if they are limited to clear-cut, uncomplicated items. If there are complete stories concealed behind side tasks, they stick in the mind for a very long time. The gamers can only stare at the screen in confusion when authors go carried away and create bizarre stories. Our content contains the best examples.

Quests in Azshara, which begins with the Longing of Azshara (World Of Warcraft)

Warcraft has always been famous for its incredibly interesting quests. The game is almost 20 years old and is still played by gamers from all over the world. Someone pumps his character himself, and someone uses wow power leveling. The latter can develop much faster without spending days at the computer. Leveling up your account helps you complete any quests faster, which makes the game even more exciting.

You probably didn't have time to accomplish this quest because "Longing of Azshara" takes place in one of the starting areas. The story describes the newly selected Aspect, the blue dragon Kalesgos. To stop the black dragons' nefarious intentions, you must locate him. You can earn several achievements and learn about the strange love affair between the dragon and the soul guardian while completing the tasks. You will be given a Faded Wizard's Hat as compensation.

Army of the new model (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)

Even people who don't play video games are likely aware that the GTA series is devoted to criminality in all its forms. San Andreas is no exception. Its protagonist Carl Johnson (also known as CJ) engages in gang warfare, robs casinos and trains, and works for yakuza and corrupt police. An odd and peculiar narrative, however, it is one of the most famous.

After purchasing an electronics business, CJ aids Nerd Zero in solving his issues. He hates Berkeley, a rival in the field of radio-controlled technology, and is extremely enthusiastic about it. Karl participates in the conflict and completes two tasks: he repels the toy bombers' assault on the Zero store and, while piloting another aircraft, he shoots Berkeley couriers.


Then a duel between the two opponents occurs (however, all the time the player will never see or hear Berkeley). The main conflict is not a shooting, but a playtest in which Zero must drive the automobile from his side of the map to the adversary's "base" while Berkeley obstructs him in every manner. The only things that matter to CJ are flying a helicopter with a magnet attached from below and helping a friend by clearing the way, guiding river crossings, and bombing toy tanks. The mission with the helicopter was one of the most famous in the history of gaming because it was very difficult.

Shoot this guy in the face (Borderlands 2)

One of the shortest quests in the gaming business is found in Borderlands 2. Face Makshuti, a stranger who is incredibly enthusiastic and simply wants someone to shoot him in the face may be found in the scene of A Thousand Cuts. Additional task requirements emphasize the need to aim precisely at the head rather than at the arm, leg, or chest. Done and dusted. Even after being shot, the poor guy tries to yell "thank you."

Flowers for a Lady (Red Dead Redemption)

Some quests appear unusual because they are so gloomy. For instance, in Red Dead Redemption's expansive universe, you can run into Billy West, an old guy. He requests the hero to go get a bouquet of lovely flowers so that he can give it to his wife Annabel as a gift as they prepare to celebrate their golden wedding.

After Billy invites the hero to his hut for a cup of tea. Then it turns out that the wife of the old man sitting in the chair died a long time ago, just the poor guy could not accept it. By the way, the plot of the task may seem familiar to someone, as it resembles the story of the writer William Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily" or the real story of the doctor Karl Tanczler.

Street Justice, The Sign of Jonah, Passion (Cyberpunk 2077)

Cyberpunk 2077 offers another illustration of a strange dark mission. It concerns a series of assignments made for the prisoner Joshua Stevenson. The plot typically starts with the hero (or heroine) being given the go-ahead to kill the criminal by a family member of one of his victims. Vi runs an errand, but the customer is slain in the process. As a result, the hero gets in a police car and heads off with Joshua to an unknown place.


It turns out that the killer has long repented of what he did, gained faith in God, became extremely popular, and signed a contract with one of the entertainment agencies to create a braindance — a virtual simulation that fully conveys the emotions and feelings of a particular person. However, the feelings that Joshua wants to convey to others through the recording are not pleasant. As an act of true repentance and payback for his sins, Stevenson wants to be crucified on the cross.

The criminal wants Vi to be there all the way, to talk to him, and offer him support while making such a challenging decision. However, the player's significance increases in the climax when Stevenson requests that the hero personally pin him to the crossbars. You can of course decline, but if you do, the entire process will be revealed to you, and the shocking conclusion will leave you speechless.


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