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  1. Xbox Series X vs PS5: Microsoft's “plan that can win”, Phil Spencer asserted

    Xbox Series X vs PS5: Microsoft's “plan that can win”, Phil Spencer asserted

    Xbox Series X has a “plan that can win” against the PS5, Xbox head Phil Spencer told IGN. ~Phil Spencer. Spencer’s statements come after a PS5 reveal by Sony. Spencer also praised Sony for its upcoming specs. Last month, we compared the Xbox Series X with the PS5, concluding that the...
  2. Carbon

    A Super Mario Christmas is the ideal counter to PS5 and Xbox Series X
  3. Carbon

    PS5 Price Reportedly Revealed, and It's Very Cheap
  4. Carbon

    Next-gen (PS5, XSX) games you are looking forward to?

    Godfall Quantum Error Project Awakening Lost Soul Aside How about you?
  5. Carbon

    Developers begin to weigh in on the power gap between PS5 and Xbox Series X
  6. Carbon

    The PS5 GPU Will Be Supported By Better Hardware Solutions, In Depth Analysis Suggests
  7. Carbon

    RedGamingTech: Why Sony hasn't shown the PS5

    Short summary: Sony wants to have real-time gameplay ready to show for the reveal along with the PS5 retail unit and price Sony are confident that the silence will be forgotten once they show their games Both consoles are very powerful PS5 has a lot of customization done with the geometry...
  8. Carbon

    ‘Cosmic horror’ first-person shooter Quantum Error announced for PS4, PS5
  9. Carbon

    Warframe is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X
  10. Carbon

    Sony does not expect pandemic to affect PS5 release
  11. Carbon

    PS5 Lack of Legacy Backward Compatibility Is Disappointing, but Current Games Will Matter More – Helheim Hassle Dev
  12. Carbon

    Xbox Series X Sales Potential is Being Underestimated, Analyst Believes; Suspects PS5 Will Have Sales Advantage
  13. Carbon

    Xbox Series X’s BCPack Texture Compression Technique Reportedly Better than the PS5’s Kraken
  14. Carbon

    An Explanation of the Innovative Features for PS5 and Xbox Series X
  15. Carbon

    Wccftech: The PS5 SSD Will Not Change Open World Games Dramatically
  16. Carbon

    Do you think Xbox Series X, PS5 launch will delay because of COVID-19?

    Might it be a decision to delay the launch of the consoles until 2021?
  17. Carbon

    PS5 SSD May Not Necessarily Translate into Much Quicker Loading Times, Says Remedy Technical Director
  18. Carbon

    AMD’s RDNA2 Next-Gen Architecture For Radeon Is Not Identical To Xbox Series X Or PS5
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