7 Beginner Tips For Atomic Heart


If you're new to the world of Atomic Heart, don't be intimidated by its robopocalypse - with a few beginner tips and tricks, anyone can master Facility 3826. With many possible systems and abilities at your disposal, there isn't much comprehensive explanation to guide you through your adventures. Thankfully, with these Atomic Heart beginner tips, you'll have everything you need to learn combat, exploration, weapons, Polymer abilities, and more. From keeping track of ammo reserves to planning ahead for fast travel mechanisms, beginner players will have all they need to tackle each obstacle along their journey. Don't worry - with a little practice and perseverance you'll make progress in no time.

1. Save as often as possible​

While Atomic Heart does not have a great auto-save feature, you can save your progress by utilizing the unique red telephones in the game. Above ground, these telephones can be easily located inside mushroom building-style structures, and are incredibly difficult to miss. They are also quite plentiful, giving plenty of saving opportunities. Below ground, the player will have to be on the lookout for private rooms that have a white sign just outside their entrance. Inside those rooms, they will find modern conveniences such as a saved phone and even a vending machine, where upgrades can be purchased as well as weapons and items crafted. All this adds up to keep players moving in Atomic Heart - something you do not want to miss out on with its sporadic save system!

2. Use NORA​

The gaming process has become even more unique with the advent of NORA, the oversized fridge with an aggressively sexual personality. Although it may have been a creative choice, NORA nonetheless serves an indispensable role throughout the gaming experience. It allows players to both store equipment and weapons, upgrades like Atomic Heart sprint power, as well as an enhanced version of Atomic Heart telekinesis. But there's one important function that tends to get overlooked; where players can dismantle loot they don't need into components they can use to build new things. This dynamic feature is essential for obtaining higher-grade gear while never having to worry about becoming overwhelmed by hoarding items as there are so many types from which players can choose.

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3. Pay attention to yellow things​

An important gaming process in Atomic Heart is exploring - looking around to find the best spots to climb up. Objects featuring a yellow hue, sometimes more prominent and sometimes more faded, are strategically placed within the gaming environment. This allows players to easily identify where they should direct their gaming – ‘climb here’! Doing this not only enables players to access better vantage points but also opens up hidden areas with resources and crafting recipes that can help the player make progress throughout their gaming journey. However, it's worth noting that some of these areas may feature difficult platforming challenges before the reward is given; it usually pays off to those brave enough to take on the challenge for the ultimate gaming experience.

4. Use Shok​

The power of this weapon can be increased significantly with upgrades purchased from Vending Machines - able to break enemy shields or stun opponents effortlessly. However, this ability can only truly be effective as a game-winning tool if used wisely and strategically. Planning ahead for how to make the most out of any situation can really give you the advantage needed to take out your opposition fully - so pick up the Shok ability early and deploy it whenever you truly need it!

5. Scan around constantly​

The Atomic Heart scanner is a powerful tool that allows players to keep an eye on their surroundings and gain valuable insight into every combat situation. While it's invaluable for quickly spotting enemies, objects, lootable containers, and other points of interest, it's important not to be too hasty with the scanner. A quick flick of the wrist can make all the difference in staying one step ahead of antagonists - so take your time when using the device; let it run its course before moving on. It might just save you from an unfortunate encounter!

6. Prefer energy weapons​

Shotgun ammo may be difficult to come by in this game, but energy weapons provide a much more efficient way of playing. Instead of relying on traditional ammunition, they use the energy stored in your character which will slowly recharge if you take a break from combat and use melee attacks instead. If you want to speed up the process, there are upgrades available using neuropolymer that can increase both the recharge rate of your energy and the amount used with each attack. These upgrades can provide a significant advantage on the battlefield, allowing for devastating firepower that’s sure to turn the tide of any conflict.


7. Check your stash​

Running low on supplies while playing a game can be incredibly frustrating, especially if your character's inventory is full. Luckily, items get sent to your stash if you don't have any space in your character's inventory. Your stash is located at any vending machine in a safe room and makes it super easy to transfer whatever item you need to your character for convenience. Having access to supplies stored in your stash provides secure accessibility when running low or wanting to use previously acquired items.


Atomic Heart is an eclectic game with a unique twist that can provide hours of entertainment. With these tips and tricks, you'll be sure to have the best gaming experience possible as you explore the dystopic Soviet Union and all its secrets. From scanning around and paying attention to yellow things to preferring energy weapons and checking your stash, any player will feel more comfortable in the game if he knows these tips.

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