8 Dead Space Tricks Only Pro Gamers Know About


Scarcity of resources and item management are what make survival horror games such as Dead Space so exciting. During your adventure, you take advantage of every chance to preserve what you can so that you are well-prepared for boss fights and major encounters.

In eliminating the terrifying Necromorphs, skilled gamers have discovered strategies to improve their efficiency and spend as little resources as possible. After reading the following list, you should be able to play like a pro. In addition to gaming suggestions, there may also be hints for delving further into the story.

1. A Hidden Ending​

First-time victory in Dead Space is not the end of the narrative. To get the horror games hidden conclusion, you must activate new game plus. Once during this second playing, you must gather 12 shards of the mysterious Marker and assemble them in the eleventh chapter's Captain's Quarters.

By doing this, you will unlock the game's hidden ending, which we will not reveal. Obviously, you should do this to understand as much as possible about the tale.

2. Use Sticky Flooring To Your Benefit​

You cannot sprint through the sticky flooring in later portions of the game. It is possible to get struck when fleeing a group of Necromorphs if you become immobilised while attempting to escape. But, you may turn the tables on them.

If you manoeuvre skillfully enough, your foes may get trapped on this level as well, allowing you to fire many rounds as they slog through it. While the majority of the game consists of corridors, this strategy is useful in a few larger fighting areas.

3. Fire and Stomp​

If you are acquainted with Resident Evil 4, you are aware of how useful the knife is for preserving ammo. The same applies to the Dead Space stomp. After an enemy's legs have been severed, they will continue to crawl towards you.

If you wish to conserve a few bullets, you can stomp the remaining life out of the zombie. A little stasis can help make this technique safer, but you should be mindful that they may still attack while you're on the ground.

4. Stasis Kinesis Entities​

Stasis is a precious commodity and very effective instrument. You shouldn't overdo it for fear of running out when you need it the most.

Use the containers of stasis that are strewn around instead of your own stasis module to freeze foes, so that you always have a sufficient supply. Within these containers is what seems to be blue energy pulsing. Just toss them at your foes with the same effect as your own Stasis.

5. Upgrading Ammo Capacity for Auto Reload​

As you already know, Isaac's weapons are upgraded using nodes at workbenches. What you may not have realised is that when ammunition capacity is increased, the weapon is automatically reloaded to accommodate the increased amount of rounds in each magazine. Using this information, you may improve a weapon's ammunition capacity when you are running short on bullets to get more ammunition. It is tough to time these improvements to take advantage of this vulnerability, but it is a good technique on more challenging settings.

6. Environmental Use of Traps​

The Ishimura's condition of decay has created several traps that are easy to slip into. You may utilise them to your advantage against Necromorphs, who are not resistant to them.

Whether the traps are based on fire or electrical, you may save some bullets and enjoy a show by timing the enemy' passage through them. Stasis will also assist in positioning the foes so that they may be eliminated by the trap.

7. Kinesis-Enabled Melee Weapons​

The game understates the number of offensive applications of Kinesis. There are several things in the world that may be used as weapons, while some are more effective than others.

Every shattered fan becomes a weapon that may be hurled towards Necromorphs. In a similar manner, the enemy limbs you shot off may be utilised to pin foes against walls. Finally, throwing different rods and pipes at foes using Kinesis is also lethal.

8. Unlocking Crates Without Firing In Zero Gravity​

When you encounter containers aboard the ship, you may often open them by stomping or punching them. This is not an option while travelling through space in zero gravity. What is the answer if one does not want to squander expensive ammo in order to discover what is inside?

You may just use the Kinesis module to smash crates against walls and expose their contents. Obtaining objects is just half of the enjoyment; smashing things is the other half.
As a fan of Dead Space, I found this post to be both informative and entertaining. The scarcity of resources and item management in the game is what sets it apart from other survival horror titles, and it's great to see that there are tricks that pro gamers use to optimize their gameplay. These tips will undoubtedly help those who are struggling with the game or those who want to take their skills to the next level. Additionally, I appreciate the mention of hints for delving deeper into the story, as Dead Space has a rich and intriguing lore that many fans may not be aware of. Overall, a great post for Dead Space fans and gamers in general.:devilish::alien::ninja:

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