8 Best Shields in Elden Ring


Gamers all over the world feel Elden Ring is already GOTY material, even if there is still more content to come, such as the suspected DLC that some players have discovered evidence of. Even if the stories are false, gamers will find plenty of tunnels to explore, ruins to plunder, and evil creatures to slay.

However, players shouldn't expect to glide through Elden Ring because they'll require the best gear to survive as a Tarnished soul in a monster-infested planet. A shield is one piece of equipment that can help you defeat adversaries since it protects you from harmful hits. However, with so many shields in Elden Ring, determining which one is the best for the job might be difficult.

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1. Beastman's Jar-Shield - Medium Shield​

The Beastman's Jar-Shield is ideal for players that desire the best of both a greatshield and a little shield, since it balances damage reduction and agility. The Beastman's Jar-Shield can also be infused with Ashes of War, Magic, and other Consumables, earning it a place among the best shields in Elden Ring.

The only drawback of this medium shield is that it can only be found in Crumbling Farum Azula, which is considered Elden Ring's end-game location. Players can harvest this powerful medium shield near the Crumbling Beast Grave Depths Site of Grace.

2. Jellyfish Shield - Greatshield​

Due to its squishy appearance, the Jellyfish Shield is one of Elden Ring's most unique-looking greatshields that most players may overlook. Our greatshield, however, deserves to be included in this Elden Ring shield tier list because its Active Skill increases the player's attack by 20% for 30 seconds.

However, because the buff only applies to single-handed weapons, players can't use it and then switch to a two-handed weapon because the effects will be nullified. This formidable shield may be found north of the Foot of the Four Belfries, near to a corpse guarded by four Jellyfish.

3. Blue-Gold Kite Shield - Medium Shield​

The Blue-Gold Kite Shield is a good beginner shield that can be purchased for 1000 runes from the Nomadic Merchant. While its girth limits its quickness, it is an excellent shield for reducing incoming damage and blocking certain strikes. Furthermore, a well-timed Parry may stun most opponents and bosses, thereby altering the battle's tide.

And if a player has a Talisman like the Viridian Amber, which improves maximum stamina, they can block more assaults. Other shields can do a better job than Blue-Gold Kite Shield, despite its decent stats, but the reason Blue-Gold Kite Shield is among the finest is that it is much easier to obtain than the other shields on the list.

4. Marred Leather Shield - Medium Shield​

Despite the fact that the Marred Leather Shield lacks an Active Skill, it does have a Passive Skill that causes Blood Loss Buildup, which deals tremendous damage. Because both pieces of equipment cause Blood Loss Buildup, the Marred Leather Shield and a Uchigatana can be a devastating combination.

Players will be forced to enter Stormveil Castle, which is filled with formidable foes and bosses. If a player accepts the challenge, the Marred Leather Shield will be found shortly after the second Site of Grace is found. If not, they can always take a detour and bypass Stormveil Castle entirely.

5. Great Turtle Shell - Medium Shield​

The Great Turtle Shell provides a fair combination of defence and weight, despite some players referring to it as the Great Dog Shell (a recurring meme in the Elden Ring community). However, the Active Skill, which briefly enhances defence and can deflect lethal attacks, is why the Great Turtle Shell is ranked so high.

In addition, the Great Turtle Shell includes a Passive Skill that increases the rate of stamina recovery, which is effective against chain strikes. The good news is that this shield can be obtained without fighting an enemy because it can be looted from a corpse.

6. Brass Shield - Medium Shield​

Despite having several drop sites, the Brass Shield is one of the rarest medium shield drops in Elden Ring (0.8 percent Drop Chance), which is why it isn't listed higher. However, players that obtain this shield will find it to be an excellent medium shield to wield, particularly in the early stages of Elden Ring.

The greatest spot to farm the Brass Shield is outside of Raya Lucaria Academy, where Raya Lucaria warriors are assembled. Furthermore, players can cultivate Godrick Soldiers, but only target those who are holding the shield.

7. Dragonclaw Shield - Greatshield​

The Dragonclaw Shield is a great Greatshield that can stop even the toughest strikes. It is arguably the nicest looking shield in Elden Ring. However, getting this enormous shield will necessitate the death of a Draconic Tree Sentinel, which will necessitate a horseback battle.

The Colossal Weapon Dragon Greatclaw is also dropped by this optional boss, making the fight much more worthwhile. The Active Skill can also be effective in combat, especially for players who struggle to parry. Shield Bash will also drive weaker foes and stagger bosses, which is useful while traversing Elden Ring's territory.

8. Beast Crest Heater Shield - Medium Shield​

The Beast Crest Heater Shield is without a doubt the best beginner shield in Elden Ring, with the highest Physical Guard for Medium Shields. It also only weighs 3.5 pounds, making it appropriate for any mage class, and requires only 10 Strength.

The Crest Heater Shield is also relatively simple to earn, since players just have to fight a few low-tier foes and a Beast Crest Heater Knight. Players can also use Ashes of War to enhance the Crest Heater Shield, boosting its strength and utility.

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