12 Tips for Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 Beginners


If you want to win the royal battle in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, follow these guidelines.

The new Al Mazrah map for Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 has been released. Battle royale victories aren't always easy to come by, but we've got twelve strategies to help you improve your odds of coming out on top on Al Mazrah.

1. Make the necessary adjustments to your game​

Making sure you're utilising the optimal settings is one of the fastest and simplest ways to increase your chances of success on Al Mazrah. To save time, you may modify the "Apply All" option that allows you to equip all armour plates at once. The entire Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 configuration instructions can be found here.

2. Modify your weapon loadouts​

While playing a match in Warzone 2.0, you may acquire your main weapons of choice via loadout drops or by purchasing them from Buy Stations. To make matters more complicated, there are a plethora of weapons and accessories from which to choose. If you want to test out some potent weapon configurations in Warzone 2.0, be sure to consult our suggested loadout guide.

3. Quickly unlock weaponry​

Since Modern Warfare 2's weapon unlock system is very involved, players who are just starting out with the games or who only have access to the free-to-play Warzone 2 app may find that DMZ is a convenient method to quickly get access to additional weapons. If you remove a weapon in DMZ mode, that weapon will be available for use in Warzone 2 immediately, skipping the standard unlock process.

4. Send and receive Ping messages​

Talk things out. It's crucial to talk to your partners whether you're performing in a duet, triad, or quartet. You may utilise the game's Ping system or a microphone for voice chat to do this. By pressing Up on the D-pad, you may send out a signal to alert you of nearby adversaries, vehicles, and other important locations. By pressing and holding Up on the D-Pad, a chat wheel will appear. This opens up more lines of communication, allowing you to do things like solicit aid from your coworkers or propose a team meeting.

5. Focus on the map at all times​

Recognizing the overall layout of the map is always helpful, but in Warzone 2.0, the new circle dynamics make it crucial. Because of the reduction in size of the map, the circle may break off into as many as three smaller circles before coming back together again. To prevent becoming trapped in the gas, you need keep track of where the circles are dividing and in what direction they are travelling at all times.

6. Travel to Strongholds​

Stronghold sites are AI-protected structures that give high-tier treasure and a loadout drop reward; if you're up for the task, you should definitely check them out. If you play your cards well, you may use this method to get some of the game's most valuable items. We've got you covered with all you need to know about the Strongholds and Black Sites in Warzone 2.0.

7. Acquire Contracts​

In addition to killing enemies and capturing their stuff, contracts are a fantastic method to earn money and resources for your game. Many different kinds of these, including Bounty, Safecracker, Secure Intel, and Most Wanted, are shown on the map as green phone icons. Learning the potential drawbacks of each option can help you decide which one is best for you.

The use of bounties is common. During a match, the Contract will highlight a single player, allowing you a limited period of time to track them down and remove them before awarding you with victory. To help you locate a nearby player and reward you handsomely for your efforts, the size of the Bounty circle shrinks as you move closer to the target.

An other viable choice is the high-risk, perhaps lucrative Safecracker Contract. There are three safes marked on the Contract that you need to locate and blow open in order to get some excellent treasure, including as money, self-revive pills, and killstreaks. Of course, when you burst open three safes, you'll generate a fair amount of noise, which may alert nearby residents to your presence.

Secure Intelligence will label information for you to retrieve and take elsewhere. These Contracts need that you be present in the area during data uploads, which leaves you susceptible. If you complete this Contract, you'll find out when and where the circle will collapse, which is useful information.

The Most Wanted contract is the most dangerous option available. For three minutes, you'll be everyone's target since you'll be highlighted on the map. However, if you make it through your time as Most Wanted unscathed, you'll be rewarded monetarily and your fallen comrades will be revived. Keep this for when you're completely out of options and your team is about to be eliminated from the game and you're willing to take a risk and be marked in order to bring them back.

8. The best advice is to go up high​

Due to the abundance of mountains and skyscrapers, Al Mazrah offers a wide variety of landscapes to explore. If you can climb to a higher vantage point, you may see more of your surroundings and have an edge when firing down on your foes.

9. Choose your backpacking gear wisely​

Ammo, unmanned aerial vehicles, and other supplies may all be easily transported in a backpack. Discuss equipment with your group so you can anticipate who may need what. No one has to go around with a gas can or self-revive in their back pocket at all times. Make sure you and your teammates have a wide selection of weapons and supplies.

In addition, you may now carry three weapons in Warzone 2.0, up from the previous two. You'll need to scavenge a bag of medium or larger size, but you can fit an extra weapon in there. As a result, you won't have to worry about not being armed in any given circumstance. A rocket launcher is a convenient third option to having an assault rifle, submachine gun, and sniper. One of your teammates who has been knocked out of the match might use this as a primary.

10. Use your kill streaks and gear to your advantage​

In a battle royale, information is key, and a killstreak may mean more than simply a string of kills. Use unmanned aerial vehicles, reconnaissance drones, or handheld radars to spy on your adversaries from a safe distance. Even if you don't believe you'll get a kill, a mortar attack or precision airstrike may be the best option if there are adversaries nearby or on high ground putting pressure and you need to eliminate them. This usually causes the enemy to retreat somewhat, giving you some time to either escape or move to better cover.

11. Question whether it's safe to interrogate​

In version 2.0 of Warzone, players may now interrogate fallen enemies to get information that momentarily identifies their comrades on the map. In the heat of battle, this is not the time to try it out because of the risks involved and the time it will take to perform the deed. But if a member of your team has gone missing, you'll know exactly where they are and what they've been up to.

12. Restoration and maintenance​

This year also adds the capability to refuel and repair automobiles. All of the land, air, and sea vehicles in Warzone 2.0 may be refuelled and repaired at service stations. Helicopters and planes may accomplish this quickly and easily by landing on top of the stations. No need to park right near to the gas stations.

The ability to refill automobiles on the go is facilitated by the portability of gas cans. You may scavenge them off the ground and put them in your bag. Keep in mind that the only vehicle that cannot utilise petrol cans is the Hummer EV, however it can still be refuelled and serviced at gas stations.

Following these guidelines, you should have an easier time looting and engaging in gunfights on Al Mazrah, increasing your chances of winning the battle royale in this best crossplay game.

Call of Duty Warzone is available on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Android and Windows PC.

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