[Top 5] LoL Best Qiyana Builds That Destroy Enemies (Used By Pros)


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Jul 17, 2021
Hiiii everyone this is an article that ranks the best 5 builds for Qiyana!

Read the full article here: [Top 5] LoL Best Qiyana Builds That Destroy Enemies (Used By Pros)

Let's talk about Qiyana, the self-proclaimed queen and multi-role performer. If you can believe it, Qiyana has a bigger ego than Draven. She can play roles in the mid, top, or jungle. Whichever one you prefer, or if you were auto-filled for a role, you now know how to fill that gap with her.

Her kit and gameplay revolve around assassinating the backline, but if that isn't possible, she can also take out bruisers and tanks. Why only sometimes? Because, some tanks are tankier than others. You can't go full lethality on top lane, can you? You need survivability on top and in the jungle, but not as much in the middle because it is the shortest lane.

So recalling to base frequently can be advantageous if you force your opponent to do the same. Qiyana has a large number of players. Most of them are skilled at playing the queen of thighs, but DK Sharvel of Korea stands out among the men and women. This guy is just cracked on Qiyana the combos, and everything he does is entertaining to watch.

5. Crazy Sigma Qiyana

“Everyone must obey me!” (Video by Challenger Replays)
This list will begin with a build for top-lane Qiyana. The good old loner lane, where every player just wants to be alone with their thoughts and farm the minions mindlessly without caring about anything else in the world. I swear money could be falling from the sky and top-lane players wouldn't bother going outside to collect it. Because if my opponent loses 1 XP, I have an advantage and can win the lane. That is their mindset.

As previously stated, you can 100% build Qiyana's full lethality, but you may run into some issues later on if the enemy builds armor. So let's take a look at a bruiser-type build. You'll be able to deal more damage while remaining alive for much longer. You can also build some lethality, but don't make your entire build revolve around it. This build excels at allowing Qiyana to survive longer against those pesky bruisers and tanks while also giving her a chance to deal damage back to them.

Use This Build If:

  • You are playing top-lane Qiyana.
  • This build will allow you to survive much longer during the laning phase.
  • You can successfully trade with the opponent without losing too much HP.
  • You will be more mobile than most tanks and bruisers on top.


  • Conqueror
  • Presence Of Mind
  • Legend: Bloodline
  • Last Stand

  • Sudden Impact
  • Eyeball Collection

Level 1: Elemental Wrath/Edge Of Ixtal

Level 2: Terrashape

Level 3: Audacity

Level 4-5: Elemental Wrath/Edge Of Ixtal

Level 6: Supreme Display Of Talent

Level 7: Elemental Wrath/Edge Of Ixtal

Level 8: Terrashape

Level 9: Elemental Wrath/Edge Of Ixtal

Level 10: Terrashape

Level 11: Supreme Display Of Talent

Level 12-13: Terrashape

Level 14-15: Audacity

Level 16: Supreme Display Of Talent

Level 17-18: Audacity

Analysis Of Abilities Allocation:

Start with your Q “Elemental Wrath/Edge Of Ixtal” to push the wave faster than the enemy. You'll get to level 2 faster if you do this, and you'll be able to immediately put a point into W “Terrashape” and poke the target. You'll gain an advantage over your opponent in the first 5 minutes of the game this way. Your Q and W should be your primary abilities to spam, so focus on them first, while your E “Audacity” will be useful for avoiding abilities or getting in close to beat them up. Also one of the main reasons why you should max W second with this build is to get a lower cooldown on your W so you’re able to spam your Q more often.

Items (are sorted from the early game to the late game):

Doran’s Shield, Health Potion, Boots, Ironspike Whip, Phage, Plated Steelcaps, Gore Drinker, Black Cleaver, Death’s Dance, Edge Of Night, and Guardian Angel.

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