[Top 5] LoL Best Lux Builds That Destroy Enemies (Used By Pros)


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Jul 17, 2021
Here are some of the best builds for Lux that you can get yourself!

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Let's talk about a contentious champion who has divided opinion in the community. Lux is Garen's hotter sister, and she adores bad boys like Sylas. Demacia is completely opposed to people who use magic, but she doesn't care and just casts her spells. You can play her as a support or a mid-laner, depending on your preference. Most people queue up in the middle but receive support. In this game, you can never get what you want.

Her abilities revolve entirely around casting spells and controlling crowds while also dealing damage. Her Q “Light Binding” and E “Lucent Singularity” are excellent for crowd control, as her Q roots and her E slows people. Her W “Prismatic Barrier” grants everyone a shield that is caught by it, and her R “Final Spark” is a laser ability that goes through anything and anyone, and the damage does not diminish regardless of how many people you hit with it. Because you can't get gold fast enough to buy items, playing the supporting role may be a little more difficult than playing the mid-lane.

However, you can always use your abilities to steal kills and claim that it was an accident. Also, don't underestimate this champion because every skill in her arsenal is a skill shot, and she lacks abilities that allow her to increase movement speed or give a simple dash. It's difficult to avoid someone who gets close to your face. Yozu is the best player of Lux and has the widest knowledge about her abilities. If you want to learn how this champion works, I recommend watching his gameplay. You'll learn a lot.

5. Shielding Build

“The light will show you the way.” (Video by T1 Fighting)
The first build we'll look at is the maximum shielding power. It's a support build, as you might expect, and don't expect to deal a ton of damage with it; that's not the point. The main point of this build is to protect your friends from death during a fight. You will have to predict where your teammates will go next at times, or you will completely miss your W “Prismatic Barrier”.

The first ability to max is W, but if you're not facing a hard poke, you can also put 3 points in E “Lucent Singularity” during the laning phase. If you're playing against an aggressive opponent, you'll want to max out your W “Prismatic Barrier” as soon as possible so you can protect your ADC while farming. You'll make their lives a lot easier. The point of this build and its greatest strengths is in shielding your teammates and protecting them. It’s a full support build.

Use This Build If:

  • You are playing against a very aggressive lane or your opponent can poke you a lot.
  • This is a max shielding build and it entirely focuses on supporting your team during team fights.
  • You can put three points into your E “Lucent Singularity” with this build to poke the enemy laner if it’s the right match-up.
  • You will be using your W “Prismatic Barrier” to shield your teammates from taking damage.


  • Glacial Augment
  • Magical Footwear
  • Biscuit Delivery
  • Cosmic Insight

  • Zombie Ward
  • Ingenious Hunter

Level 1: Lucent Singularity

Level 2: Light Binding

Level 3-5: Prismatic Barrier

Level 6: Final Spark

Level 7: Prismatic Barrier

Level 8: Lucent Singularity

Level 9: Prismatic Barrier

Level 10: Lucent Singularity

Level 11: Final Spark

Level 12-13: Lucent Singularity

Level 14-15: Light Binding

Level 16: Final Spark

Level 17-18: Light Binding

Analysis Of Abilities Allocation:

As this is a full support build, your main focus will be shielding your allies rather than dealing damage. If you're not facing an aggressive opponent, you can change up your ability allocation by putting three points into your E “Lucent Singularity”. It's sufficient to have one point in your Q “Lighting Binding” because this ability is only good for rooting enemies.

Items (are sorted from the early game to the late game):

Spell Thief’s Edge, Two Health Potions, Boots, Pink Ward, Ioania’s Boots Of Lucidity, Bandleglass Mirror, Moonstone Renewer, Shards Of True Ice, Staff Of Flowing Water, Ardent Censer, and Redemption.

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