[Top 5] LoL Best Sona Builds That Destroy Enemies (Used By Pros)


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Jul 17, 2021
An article that ranks the best Sona builds for League of Legends!

Read the full article here: [Top 5] LoL Best Sona Builds That Destroy Enemies (Used By Pros)

Do you enjoy listening to music? Yes? Well, who doesn't, but how about you use that music to battle your enemies and rally your entire team? That sounds intriguing, doesn't it? That's what Sona does, and it's how her entire champion works. She can heal with W's “Song Of Perseverance”, increase movement speed with E's “Song Of Celerity”, and even force people to dance with her R's “Crescendo”.

You might think that's a little weak because you can't deal damage, but you'd be wrong. Her Q “Hymn Of Valor” is used for dealing damage and has an insane range, and the third time you cast abilities, there will be a special effect when you auto-attack someone. Except for your ultimate, the effect is determined by the last ability used.

Sona can't be played anywhere else because she's squishy and doesn't do much damage in the early game, so the support role is ideal for her. Many people can play Sona, but none can match the pro DRX BeryL. Nobody can play the champion as he can. He's at a different level.

5. Battlesong Build

“Only you can hear me summoner.” (Video by ShadowFoxxie)
The first build will prioritize movement speed and being the fastest champion on the summoner's rift. This build is highly match-up dependent, and it cannot be built for every single match. As Sona, you can already increase your teammate's movement speed by using your E “Song Of Celerity” , and with this item, you and your teammates will be even faster. If your team lacks mobility, you should create this.

This allows your team to catch up to the enemy in team fights or run away faster when trying to save someone. Trust me when I say that having more movement speed and mobility will benefit you greatly in the long run. Not only that, but you can use your increased movement speed to get closer to your opponent and cast your ultimate ability. The greater the number of people you hit with your ultimate, the better.

Use This Build If:

  • Your team lacks mobility.
  • If you can’t catch up to the enemy team and the enemy team has a lot of dashes.
  • Great for getting close and personal with the enemy to cast your ultimate.
  • Build works great alongside Hecarim.


  • Summon Aery
  • Manaflow Band
  • Transcendence
  • Scorch

  • Presence Of Mind
  • Cut Down

Level 1: Hymn Of Valor

Level 2: Aria Of Perseverance

Level 3: Song Of Celerity

Level 4-5: Hymn Of Valor

Level 6: Crescendo

Level 7: Hymn Of Valor

Level 8: Song Of Celerity

Level 9: Hymn Of Valor

Level 10: Song Of Celerity

Level 11: Crescendo

Level 12-13: Song Of Celerity

Level 14-15: Aria Of Perseverance

Level 16: Crescendo

Level 17-18: Aria Of Perseverance

Analysis Of Abilities Allocation:

This build prioritizes having the fastest movement speed in the game. Maximizing your Q “Hymn Of Valor” will provide you with extra damage during the laning phase, allowing you to continue receiving passive gold from your support item. The next ability to max is your E “Song Of Celerity”, followed by your W “Aria Of Perseverance”.

Items (are sorted from the early game to the late game):

Spell Thief’s Edge, Two Health Potions, Pink Ward, Bandleglass Mirror, Shurelya’s Battlesong, Sorcerer’s Shoes, Shards Of True Ice, Ardent Censer, Redemption, and Staff Of Flowing Water.

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