[Top 5] LoL Best Yuumi Builds That Destroy Enemies (Used By Pros)


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Jul 17, 2021
Hiiii people this is my article about the best 5 Yuumi builds in the game!

Read the full article here: [Top 5] LoL Best Yuumi Builds That Destroy Enemies (Used By Pros)

The supports are one of the most relaxing champions to play in League of Legends. Sure, you have to look after your ADC and make sure they don't do anything stupid that lowers your IQ, but that's it. Especially if you're playing support like Zyra, Brand, or Yuumi. But, speaking of Yuumi, she is the champion we'll be discussing today. She's a talking anthropomorphic cat. Why is she able to talk? She read a book. See what does knowledge do to someone?

In her gameplay, you're mostly just chilling and relaxing while riding on top of someone. During that time, you are both invaluable to the person sitting on top of you and untargetable. Unless the person you're riding dies, no damage can affect you. You can heal someone with your E “Zoomies” while on top of them and increase their damage potential thanks to the adaptive force.

Not only that, but you can tilt the enemy lakers by poking them with your Q “Prowling Projectile” or locking them all together with the R “Final Chapter”. Simply existing will tip the scales in your favor, and if you're on top of someone who's snowballing hard, you'll be unstoppable. T1 Keria from Korea is one of Yuumi's most notable best players.

5. AP Nuke

“Where is my fish?” (Video by i0ki)
Let's begin with the champion's most recent build, the full AP Yuumi. Riot Games messed up and buffed Yuumi in all the wrong places due to the recent champion buffs. With this build, Yuumi's Q “Prowling Projectile” ability becomes a tactical nuke. Nobody will be able to target and kill you because everyone will try to avoid it as much as possible. This build works best against squishy champions, but it can also be used against tanks.

Though don't expect to deal much damage because, well, tanks. You'll use this build in conjunction with either "Arcane Comet" or "Dark Harvest," and all of your runes will be geared toward gaining as much AP as possible. Also, a great tactic with this build is to recruit someone who enjoys playing AP champions as ADCs, doubling their damage.

Use This Build If:

  • You want to launch a tactical nuke against the enemy team.
  • Your main source of damage will be your Q “Prowling Projectile” ability.
  • Because you will be going full AP the adaptive force will be higher as well so try to pair yourself with an AP champion.
  • You are playing against a relatively squishy team.


  • Arcane Comet
  • Manaflow Band
  • Absolute Focus
  • Gathering Storm

  • Cheap Shot
  • Eyeball Collection

Level 1: Prowling Projectile

Level 2: Zoomies

Level 3: Prowling Projectile

Level 4: Zoomies

Level 5: Prowling Projectile

Level 6: Final Chapter

Level 7: Prowling Projectile

Level 8: Zoomies

Level 9: Prowling Projectile

Level 10: Zoomies

Level 11: Final Chapter

Level 12: You And Me!

Level 13: Zoomies

Level 14-15: You And Me!

Level 16: Final Chapter

Level 17-18: You And Me!

Analysis Of Abilities Allocation:

Of course, with this build, you'll want to maximize damage output as much as possible, so max it out first. Remember that your W “You And Me!” is unlocked as soon as the match begins, so you won't need to level it up until the end. Your E “Zoomies” is a great tool for keeping the person you're sitting on alive, so use it first.

Items (are sorted from the early game to the late game):

Spell Thief’s Edge, Health Potion, Dark Seal, Lost Chapter, Luden’s Temptest, Shards Of True Ice, Shadowflame, Rabadon’s Deathcap, Mejai’s Soulstealer, and Void Staff.

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