[Top 3] War Thunder Best Tier 2 Bombers That Are Excellent


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Mar 25, 2021
Tier 2 bombers, fun to play and can be played in multiple ways, they can drop bombs from low or high altitudes and generally be a pain in the ass for the enemy team. Have a good read!

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[Top 3] War Thunder Best Tier 2 Bombers That Are Excellent​

Updated: 09 Jul 2022 4:33 pm

Michaello's picture BY: Michał Kalinowski

Don’t you love bombers? There came a time when I grew sick of dogfighting with lighter planes and I finally decided to switch to bombers. Was it worth it? Hell yeah, lemme tell you somethin’, there’s nothing more satisfying than destroying an enemy base with 1 accurate bomb. There are a few things that you should keep in mind though, that other players have a few brain cells and they’re gonna target you - your survival depends on the bomber that you’re flying, how well-armored you are, and what armaments are being used against you.
In this article, I will analyze some of the best bombers for T2 and explain their best features, how you should play them and why they’re badass. Let’s start with:

3. Fw 200 C-1​


A flying brick.

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