[Top 10] LOL Skins That Give You An Advantage


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Jul 17, 2021
When playing League of Legends you'll need every damn advantage you can get to win! With that in mind I have created and listed the best 10 skins that give you an advantage while playing!

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Are you someone who doesn’t care about cosmetics or how your champion looks in general and all you want to do is focus on winning your match and gaining that sweet sweet LP? Well, if you are one of those people why not bump up your chances of winning by giving yourself an advantage while using a skin.

Yes, believe it or not, some skins in League of Legends can give the player an advantage be it in sound effects or in visual effects but nonetheless they help out in the long run. Today I’ll be listing some of the best skins that give you an advantage in the game and I’ll be explaining how these skins give you an advantage exactly and how you can use them to your own benefit. With that knowledge in mind let’s get on with it!

10. Arcade Sona (10$ or 1350 RP)

See Arcade Sona In Action (Video By SkinSpotlights):

The first skin that we’ll be talking about today is none other than Arcade Sona. The skin itself is a huge throwback to the 90s era of video games where the whole point was to have fun and spend every single quarter you had collected over the weekend on arcade machines. You see, Sona can apply a debuff onto an enemy champion with her passive ability “Power Chord”.

When using the standard skin detecting that a debuff has been applied can be hard and most of the time your teammates don’t even notice it. But if you switch to the “Arcade Sona” the type of debuff applied will light up next to the enemy and your teammates will jump onto them like a moth to a flame. This comes in really handy during huge team fights where nobody knows what the hell is going on.

How Arcade Sona Gives You An Advantage:

  • During crowded team fights it’s easier to detect when a debuff has been applied onto an enemy.
  • The skin comes with brand new and clearer visuals that are way easier to detect during gameplay.
  • The skin has one of the best VFX and sound effects out of any other skin for the champion (excluding DJ Sona).
How To Get Arcade Sona:

To get yourself this skin head over to the skin store in the client and purchase it for 1350 RP!

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