[Top 10] LOL Best ADC Champions (Current Meta)


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Jul 17, 2021
Welcome welcome people to my article where I ranked the best ADC champions in the current meta!

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Let us begin this article by defining what an ADC is. An ADC, or attack damage carry, is a League of Legends role in which you play a ranged champion. These champions deal damage from afar and must usually be protected by their team. If they aren't, they can be easily removed from the game.

These champions are found in the back line of every team fight, and taking them out can be crucial at times. The ADC can make or break a team fight, so choose an ADC who best fits your playstyle. We can also divide the ADC role into sub-roles like hyper carries or champions who can one-shot people with a single attack. Hyper carries are much more difficult to play and master because they require a large amount of shekels and items to be useful.

They are particularly strong in the middle to late game. While other non-hyper carry champions can be useful in the early and mid-game, they fall off dramatically in the late game. There are also APC champions who stand for ability power carry but that’s a story for another time. With this information, let's look at the best ADC champions in the current meta.

10. Tristana


“Locked and loaded.” (Video by Challenger League)
Let's begin this list with Tristana, a late game hyper carry. Even though she's a late game hyper carry, her early game isn't bad, and if played correctly, you can destroy the enemy's turret before the 15th minute. Unlike other ADC who are immobilized in one place and helpless when ganked, Tristana has two abilities in her kit that allow her to escape a bad situation. Her W and R are her two abilities that allow her to escape an unfortunate situation.

Her W "Rocket Jump" is a rocket jump, and her R "Buster Shot" pushes people away from her regardless of size. These two abilities can be used to either escape a gank or if the enemy decides to target you in a team fight to kindly tell them back off. They can, of course, be used offensively, and she has her Q and E to assist her with that. Her Q "Rapid Fire" boosts her attack speed, and her E "Explosive Charge" places a C4 on their heads that charges up and deals more damage as you attack it. I strongly advise you to use this ability when pushing towers because it deals a lot of damage to buildings as well.

Tristana is a great ADC for people who are playing in low to average elo as most people don’t know how to counter her and if she gets fed and ahead can be an unstoppable killing machine. The only downside to the champion is that she has a low attack range but it gets progressively increased as she levels up. If the enemy play around her low attack range Tristana can be easily shut down so try not to give them that advantage over you.

Why Tristana Is A Great ADC:

  • She can escape an unfortunate situation easily thanks to her W and R.
  • She’s great at pushing lanes and dealing with objectives such as towers.
  • She’s hard to counter and to play against.
  • Tristana is a hyper carry that specializes in carrying games if they get to the late game.
  • All supports go well with Tristana.

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