Opinion [Top 10] LOL Best Junglers (Current Meta)


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Jul 17, 2021
Welcome to my article people where I took the time to rank the best junglers for the current meta!

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Before we begin, make sure you're listening to "Welcome To The Jungle" while reading this article because this will be the ride of a lifetime. The jungle plays one of the most important roles in the game. If your jungler is inexperienced, you risk losing the entire game. The jungle role isn't just about champions; it's also about your skill level.

It's one of the most difficult roles to master. You must concentrate on map awareness, track the enemy jungler, invade, gank, complete objectives, counter-gank, counter-invade, and so on. When you've mastered everything, you'll gain LP in every single match you play. You will rarely lose a match.

Especially in low ELO because many people don't care about the jungle role. Of course, a champion can also assist you greatly, and today we'll list some of the champions who can assist you while playing the role. Choosing a good jungler champion that fits your playstyle can improve your experience and make you look like a God in the game. So, enough of my rambling; let's get started on this list!

10. Rammus


“I am fast as heck boi!” (Video by Lol Korean Pro Replays)
Let's start with the guy who is a complete nightmare for AD champions, sometimes even mages, but mostly AD people will be having a seizure just by knowing that Rammus is in their game. You might be wondering why he is such a threat to AD champions. As you can see, his W "Defensive Ball Curl" deals a small percentage of damage to the target that is auto-attacking him. While attempting to kill him, they effectively kill themselves.

While Rammus may lose 500 HP, the other may lose 600 or more. ADCs, in particular, try to avoid confrontation with Rammus. Not only that, but Rammus can use his E "Frenziying Taunt" to force his opponents to attack him if they do not wish to. He most likely insults their hairline or hygiene, causing them to feel compelled to attack him. Rammus can roll up into a ball, charge at people with his Q "Powerball," and slam right back down with his R "Soaring Slam".

You can use these abilities to gank other lanes or simply run away after you do your job. He's a real threat to those who enjoy pressing the right-click button. If you choose to play Rammus, keep in mind that the opponent will despise you more than anyone else during the match. Rammus is also skilled at capturing objectives like towers and invading the enemy jungle. His clear speed isn't particularly fast, which other junglers can exploit if they have the skill. When you play Rammus, keep in mind that you aren't locked in with them; they are locked in with you.

Why Rammus Is A Great Jungler:

  • Rammus effectively counters AD champions by simply existing in the match.
  • His passive allows him to deal magic damage with his auto-attacks.
  • Rammus can taunt an enemy champion effectively taking them out of the fight.
  • You can gank lanes easily with him thanks to his Q.
  • Using his R you can jump over walls to either escape from your enemies or catch up to them. It’s a great tool for closing the gap between the enemy and you.

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