The Top 15 Best Free Strategy Games That Are Fun


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Mar 25, 2021

Ey. Yes, you. Have you ever played a video game before that revolved around strategizing your every move? If not, then I shall give you a lengthy list of video games that you might enjoy. Let’s get started with our first, cursed MOBA from hell:

15. Dota 2​

“Drink vodka, win dotka” - some Russian guy I played with once, a few years ago. Yes, if you’re playing on EU, you’re gonna play with plenty of Russians on your team. You’ll probably lose because of the language barrier, but there’s always a slim, MICROSCOPIC chance that you’ll win the game and gain that +25!

My favorite hero is Magnus. He’s a mammoth and you can skewer kids and make them be in places that they don’t want to be in. I suggest you to try this game, it’s lovely and painful for your soul!


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