The Top 10 LoL Best Champions For Fast Farming! (2022 Edition)


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Jul 17, 2021

When it comes to League of Legends, having a good farm or CS per minute can decide if you win or lose the game. Having an 8 CS per minute is considered decent. If you have anything lower you should try aiming for that godly number 8.

Every professional or challenger LoL player will tell you the same. But sometimes it’s just impossible and you’re being held back by your champion. Today you will get over that problem and I’ll give you a list of champions that are best for farming. Let's not waste any more time, and let’s get into our top 10.

10. Twisted Fate


"I never play fair, I always have an ACE under my sleeve"

Let’s start out the list with Twisted Fate “The Card Master”. When it comes to farming this guy is pretty much up there. Being one of the first champions released it’s no surprise Riot made him like he is. You see killing minions grants you bonus gold which can be from 1 shekel right up there to 6 shekels which is the max. Not only that but your abilities also help you with farming. Those abilities range from your Q to your W.

Twisted Fate with his Q “Wild Cards” launches three cards in different directions, these cards not only deal a lot of damage but can be used to quickly clear out a huge wave of minions or jungle camps. The next ability that helps you with farming quickly is your W “Pick a Card”. Specifically, your red card will help you the most with this because it deals AoE damage on anything that it hits. Combine these abilities with some items and you got yourself a niche little power farmer that can clear out camps in the blink of an eye.

What makes Twisted Fate Great For Fast Farming:
  • Has two abilities that help him with farming quickly.
  • Gains bonus gold from killing minions.
  • Q if used at a specific angle can potentially clear out a whole wave.
  • The red card is mostly used for clearing out huge minion waves because it deals AoE damage.

9. Veigar


"I am evil even if I'm tiny!"

Now we have the midget Veigar “The Tiny Master of Evil”. This Lil fella likes to think that he’s evil but in reality, he’s the cutest midget out there. When it comes to Veigar and his farming potential it’s simple. The more you farm the more AP you get, the more AP you get the faster you can farm. You see With Veigar you gain a permanent bonus of 1 AP if you manage to kill a minion with your Q “Baleful Strike”.

The more minions you kill with your Q “Baleful Strike” the stronger you get and your abilities get even more powerful. Later throughout the game, you’ll be able to one-shot minions with your Q “Baleful Strike” or your W “Dark Matter”. When it comes to playing Veigar he’s a mid laner and sometimes can be picked as support. But for your most efficient way of farming with the midget you should go to the mid lane.

What makes Veigar Great For Fast Farming:
  • The more AP you have the stronger your abilities are, the stronger the abilities are the faster you can farm.
  • Veigar is a scaling champion. If played decently at the 15th-minute mark you should be farming and pushing your lane without a sweat.
  • Vegiar’s W “Dark Matter'' is the most useful against jungle camps and for fast farming while on a lane.


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