The Top 10 League of Legends Best Starting Champions


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Jul 17, 2021

So you sold your soul to Riot Games and got yourself into League of Legends and you can’t stop playing it. But there’s a small problem…the game has 155 champions and you don’t know where to start. At first, might be overwhelming but as you continue playing the game you’ll get used to it and learn all 620 abilities from different champions, but no worries today I’ll tell you what champions are beginner-friendly. In this article, you’ll find two champions for each role: top, jungle ,midADCc and support.

10. Garen


Spin to win champion :D

At number 10 we have Garen a top lane champion. It doesn’t get more beginner friendly than our good ol’ Garen “The might of Demacia”. Garen will surely help you understand the top lane faster and easier. Let’s say the enemy laner got you below 10% hp. The only thing you have to do is stand behind minions and voila you’re ready to curb stomp your enemy laner so you can write in all chat “lol ez”. Garen was one of the first top lane champions that I played and even if I messed up big time I wasn’t punished for it.

What makes Garen great:
  • Easy to learn skill set.
  • If you mess something up his passive will heal you up fully in no time.
  • His ult is an execute and it’s really satisfying to use.
  • Enemies get tilted because they always lose a trade against Garen (because he can heal from his passive).
  • Fun to play.
  • Has a hot sister called Lux.

Here you can see his full skill set and read what each ability does.

Garen (League of Legends) | League of Legends Wiki | Fandom

9. Nasus


Woof woof bark for me doggy.

At number 9 we have Nasus “the Curator of the Sands”, a top lane champion. This puppy comes straight from Shurima, the sand region of Runterra. Maybe Garen isn’t for you and you’d like someone who’s furry, but easy or you don’t like team fighting. Perhaps you don’t want to help your team and you’d just like to stay isolated, farm and win, then this champion is made for you. This champion is also called the ankle breaker since he can slow the enemy with his W for 95% at max rank and crippling them for 47.5% at max rank. The main point for you when playing Nasus the doggy dog is stacking your Q to 1000 stacks and one shooting anything and everyone that stands in your way and sending them into the shadow realm.

What makes Nasus great:
  • Easy to learn skill set
  • You can AFK farm the whole match and 1v9 later solo carrying the game
  • Breaking the enemies ankles with W
  • When using your ult you get bonus magic resistance and armor resistance and extra health making you a harder target to kill
  • You can also go AP Nasus and one shot people with his E (don’t tell anyone I told you this, no snitches)

Here you can see the full skill set of Nasus and read what his abilities do in detail.

Nasus (League of Legends) | League of Legends Wiki | Fandom


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