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Jul 17, 2021
If you are bored and have nothing to watch, maybe these streams will peak your interest?

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Howdy, people! It's time to get your “pepos'' and “keks” ready because today we are going to be jumping into the best and most entertaining League of Legends streamers that you can watch in 2023! My frens listen, not only are these people entertaining to watch but they are also cracked at the game. By “cracked,” I mean that they are at the top of the skill ladder.

So while you might even get a ton of entertainment out of them, you’ll also gain a lot of knowledge about the game, and hey, maybe it will help you improve at it even more. The streamers that I will mention play different roles, and each of them main or one-trick different champions, so there’s something for everyone! So with that knowledge, let’s jump straight into this article!

10. Stevens


“The Jax God is here!”

Let’s start this list off with none other than the greatest Jax player that exists in the game currently. This guy is cracked at Jax, so if you ever wanted to learn how to play that champion you should watch his streams as you will learn a lot.

But if his Jax gets banned or he gets streamed snipped, he will always go for his secret pick, which is Darius, to chop down some people. You see, Stevens is a top-lane main and doesn’t play anything else besides that role.

Since he knows that role in and out, he managed to reach the challenger rank on multiple occasions, and his highest peak was in S12, where he got 950 LP total. That’s an insane number that many players, including me, can only dream of. Along with his cracked playstyle and constant carrying of matches on his back, he also takes his time to entertain his viewers and cares a lot about them.

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