Reviews [Top 10] Best League Of Legends Songs (Ranked)


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Jul 17, 2021
Hello you wonderful people I just reviewed and ranked the best League of Legends songs!

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Howdy everyone, today we’ll be talking about music in League of Legends. First off, let me state that there isn’t a single person on this planet who doesn't love music. You see, music is an integral part of a video game, and in some situations, it can either hype up the moment or completely ruin it. In some video games, the right music at the right time can make the player feel powerful and give him a sense of feeling unbeatable.

Unfortunately, Riot Games can’t simply add a boss battle theme when you’re fighting Mundo because it would be quite a distraction. Instead, they opted for creating music videos and each one is a different genre of music. You can listen to it while playing or doing anything else in your day-to-day activities. So with that knowledge, I’ll be ranking the best League of Legends songs released to date.

10. STAR WALKIN’ - Lil Nas X

“Eyo put up the tempo man.”

Let’s start this list off with one of the more recent songs that were released just last year for Worlds 2022. You see, a lot of people are always excited about the next World Championship song because it’s always hype and it gets your blood pumping, but sadly, that wasn’t the case with this one.

If Riot Games had released this song as a part of a skin line or anything similar to that, people would have loved it a lot more, but as a World Championship song, nah, that ain’t it, chief. The main reason behind that is that every World Championship song is about a high tempo and a huge loud drop which this song lacks, but if we ignore that for a second, it’s a very amazing and catchy song.

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