Opinion [Top 10] Badass Champions From League of Legends Lore


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Jul 17, 2021
Are you constantly reading only patch notes and nothing else? Well, if you are how about you take a break and read some lore from the game. Here in this article I listed the most badass champions in the League of Legends lore.

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Riot Games might have crafted a beautiful game that we all love to spend our free time on but alongside this game they also put a lot of effort into its lore. The world that the company has built and that continues to expand on is one of the best in videogame history.

So why don’t we take a time off today and just appreciate how beautiful some of the lore in the game can be! Today I’ll be listing some of the most badass champions from the game’s lore. I won’t be focusing on their power in the game or how broken they are while carrying certain items. Oh no, today is a chill day all about lore. So with that let’s get into the article!

10. Urgot

“My machines only make me stronger!”

At a first glance, you wonder how this abomination can have badass lore? Well before he was turned into this thing that he calls a body he used to be a normal human being that worked for Noxus. Everything was well until he got aspirations to become the right hand of the Noxian leader.

That was his first mistake because there were many others that also wanted to become the right hand man and others had strings they could pull to eliminate the competition while Urgot had none. Not long after he was sent to Zaun on a secret mission only to find out that the comrades that went with him were sent there to kill him.

After falling off a bridge and breaking almost every single bone in his body a gang leader found him and fixed him up so he could work for him. After a while Urgot got tired of working for him and killed his boss. With that first kill he got a taste of what he can be so he formed his own organization and started taking down the mob bosses that didn’t obey him. Shortly after Urgot started replacing his body parts with machinery and turned himself into the abomination he is today!

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