The BEST Way to Cheat in Minecraft Without Getting Caught!


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Mar 20, 2023
Hope me moving this post here isn't a problem, I've deleted my other one as best I can.

I am going to share some things with you all that you may already know or maybe totally amazed by, I am not sure, I am new to the social aspect of Minecraft lol.

I am an avid player, and currently play PE on my android tablet, which is one of the platforms, apart from PC, which I will be getting next month, that Mojang really has it made on with Minecraft,

Anyways, enough about platforms, this isn't the right forum, instead please be amazed, or bored, by my tips and tricks that might help make your Minecraft experience that little bit more amazing (if that is humanly possible).

Right, here we go.

Using any of these methods will NOT affect your achievements, they're not technically cheating. If you're on a collab or role-play or something along those lines, these methods may count as cheating, but Mojang doesn't deem them so lol.

If you keep getting lost and need to locate spawn, this can be done by copying your survival world, which will start where you are in your regular world, die in the copy, if you've not been to sleep in a bed in your new location, it will return you to spawn, write down the coordinates of spawn and simply follow them back home in your regular world.

Keeping with the copy world thing, if you want to locate mansions, villages, ocean monuments, or any structure in the game, copy your survival world, turn on cheats in the copy world and set it to creative if you want to be able to fly, type in the /locate command followed by what structure you are looking for, so for example if you're looking for a village, type in /locate the village, it will tell you where the village is in coordinates like this 'nearest village is at `1422 32 150' write down the coordinates and simply navigate to them in your main world. The 32 or whatever elevation is not important unless you're looking for a stronghold, which is always located underground.

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