Stadia support on iOS available once again


Stadia support on iOS is once again available through a browser-based solution on both the iPhone and iPad.

iOS users can head here using Safari, Chrome or a progressive web app (PWA) to access the service.

Those using Safari are able to press the Share button found at the bottom of their screens to “Add to Home Screen” to create an app for easy access into Stadia.

However, the functionality isn’t available to all Stadia users yet. Google has confirmed its still “testing” the functionality. It’s unclear when the trial phase will end, but we’ll keep you updated when more is known.

Google’s Stadia, Microsoft’s xCloud, NVIDIA’s GeForce Now and Amazon’s Luna have all announced they working on browser-based solutions to bring their services to the Apple ecosystem as Apple tightens it's policies.
Also this is epic news. First GeForce Now, and now Stadia, just waiting on Microsoft’s xCloud

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