Sony bans accounts for exploiting PlayStation Plus Collection loophole


Sony has been banning PlayStation Network accounts that are exploiting a PlayStation Plus Collection loophole on the PS4.

A report alleges that Sony has banned “thousands” of accounts who have attempted to access a library of PS4 titles via the PlayStation Plus Collection for free. The loophole means that those with a PS5 can log on to someone else's PS4 and unlock all Plus Collection games on that console at no additional cost. Those with access to the library have taken to marketplaces, offering to sell the library to others at a fraction of the price of a PlayStation Plus subscription. For example, one user alleged they had made more than £100 by charging more than 20 users £5 each for access.

Users are alleging that PlayStation Network accounts will be banned from the service for two months, while PS5 users who are trying to make money from the loophole will be permanently blocked from network services. Sony has yet to confirm the bans.

PS5 is out now.
Not knowing of this loophole, the only thing I can say is that I'm not exactly surprised by the news they're banning people taking advantage of this loophole. It was invariably going to be patched out at some point, so to be so forward about buying or selling access to that library was a foolish thing for people to do. They've forfeited their own access to games they were given over a few quid, not to mention their account history and of luck to them in rebuilding.
Honestly I don't get how they can sell it, I mean the same account is being ported over to PS5 right?
Is it just logging in and claiming games? I mean I’m not surprised people getting banned. But don’t allow loopholes at all. People will find them.
That's what it seems to be, yeah, people giving other people access to their account so they can log in, snag the games and then still have them when they switch back to their main account. Silly thing to think would last, honestly, because as soon as Sony found out about it, you know they were going to patch it and stop people who got the games illegitimately from using them.

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